The Many Beauties of Sunsets and Nature

Daily Create #1: Let’s all take a second to appreciate the beauty of nature

Amidst all of the chaos that is going on around the world, I feel people need a chance to get away from the news media and spend time with nature. Getting a chance to go outside and simply watch a sunset can do so much cleansing to you mentally, spiritually, and even physically. For this daily create assignment, my job was to share a picture of a sunset so people can take a second to appreciate the beauty of nature. Sunsets are one of the most satisfying and relaxing events you can watch everyday. In the age of the internet and computers, people are starting to under appreciate nature.

Daily Create #2: The perfect ending

Some days are just better than others. During those days that don’t seem to go our way, we tend to lose hope and optimism. The best way to boost your mood when you’re down is to spend some quality time alone with someone you love. Whether that would be your significant other, family member, etc. For this daily create, I was required to write a short ending with a fitting picture to it. As you can see below, what is better than watching the many beauties of the world with someone you love dearly?

Daily Create #3: There’s a Gap

I couldn’t be the only one that felt weird not completing the daily creates for the end of last week. It felt like a large “gap” in my day was created because the thirty minutes of my day that I spend working on the daily creates was spent doing something else. For this daily create, my job was to find a gap anywhere and post it. I chose to go with a gap in a wall that shows a nice view of the sea, rather than just a plain boring wall made of stones.

Colorful Pies and Trees

Daily Create #1: Create an artistic graph chart

Ramadan is a month for all Muslims around the world to fast from sunrise to sunset. During this time that we’re not allowed to eat or drink anything, people usually either work or sleep. For this daily create, my job was to create a graph chart, which I was able to do using this website. I decided to go with a pie graph to show what my schedule in Ramadan consists of, which is mostly work and sleep. I’m not able to exercise as much during Ramadan because of my restriction from food and water during my normal workout time.

Daily Create #2: Find a tree and tell us about it

Many people speculate whether or not trees are alive. One thing we can prove about trees is that they change colors like many of us do in an emotional way. For this daily create, I was required to take a photo of any tree outside, and was also given an extra option to describe the tree. When the end of fall and winter comes along, all the leaves on trees start falling and becoming dark and lifeless. This is an accurate representation of people’s mood shifts because of the cold weather and the mostly dark days. When spring and summer come around, the trees start to regain their colorful leaves and start to become alive again. This represents our content mood because of the nice weather.

What On Earth Is Tifinagh?

Daily Create #1: Your name in other characters

Just by scrolling through fonts on Microsoft Word, you can find some wacky fonts that look like complete gibberish to you. Seeing what your name would look like in other language’s characters is exceedingly neat and unique. For this daily create assignment, I was required to write my name in Tifinagh characters. When I first heard the term Tifinagh, I had no idea what language it was. But after looking on its Wikipedia site, I came to find out that it is an abjad script used to write the Berber languages.

Daily Create #2: What would you like to teach the world to do?

The amount of unique abilities and knowledge that every person in the world has is unfathomable. If we just shared the unique things that we know, we can make other people more aware of it. Our job for this daily create was to simply state what we would like to teach the world to do. My response was to teach people one of the greatest abilities our mind is capable of doing, wandering. Being creative is practically the outcome of letting your mind wander. You enter a place where it’s just you and your imaginations running freely.

Life Is Best When Filled With Love

Daily Create #1: GIF A Painting

All paintings give off certain moods and tones. This daily create required us to choose a piece of artwork from the europeana collections and create a GIF out of it. I chose the painting found down below because I knew I could create a meme out of the old man’s facial expression. I created this GIF to show what the man seems like he is really thinking about in his head.

Daily Create #2: Guess Who is Getting Married Today!

This daily create required us to create a card to celebrate the marriage of Alan and Cori. Marriage is among the most beautiful and joyful events in all our lives. It is a chance to spend time with the people you are closest with, eat amazing food, and celebrate one of the greatest joys of life. It felt really nice to create an image to congratulate Alan and Cori on their marriage. This is for a beautiful wedding and many more years of life together to come.

Being Creative Is Being Free

Daily Create #1: Identify a Brand’s Font and Create a Fake Ad

To think that you can find out the font of any advertisement seems unbelievable. That is exactly what the website Font Squirrel can accomplish for you. This first daily create consisted of creating a fake ad using a photo editor, in which I used Photoshop, to replace the actual text of the ad with some text of your own. I chose to do my ad from one of the most infamous restaurants in all of the world, McDonald’s. We all know the controversy that surrounds the legitimacy of their “fresh food”. I decided to poke some fun at the restaurant by creating a fake ad that says “I promise we are healthy”. No matter how many times McDonald’s tries to prove the quality of their food, people will continue to question it.

Daily Create #2: You’re Hired! (Write a Slogan)

Creating a catchy, well-thought slogan requires a lot of deep thinking. For this daily create, the task was to come up with a catchy advertising slogan. In the process of coming up with my slogan, I thought of what it really means to be creative, and that is to be free. Think about it, when you are told to be creative, you go into a world of your own where you think of the most unique and interesting material. That is the motivation behind my slogan, Become Free, Become Creative.

Thinking Outside The Box

Daily Create #1: Make a Meme of It

Have you ever heard a song and instantly envisioned a meme of it? That’s basically what this daily create create was about. Many songs nowadays are meme worthy because of their randomness and uniqueness. Thinking back to many years ago, I remember showing this song to my friends and we would lose our minds because of the mystery of the song. There’s nothing more wacky than a music video where a band member gets abducted by blue aliens in the middle of a concert.

Daily Create #2: There’s An App For That: What’s Your App Idea?

There are millions of apps on the app store, plenty of which are designed to accommodate current problems or capture current trends. If you can make any app, what would it be and why? When thinking about creating an app, I thought about current problems and trends that would make people want to get the app. I chose my idea of an app to be an ethnicity scanner, an alternative method to the test. The ethnicity test is a long process where you spit in a tube and send it to a lab where they do tests on your saliva and find your ethnic background. How about an app that can tell you your ethnic background in a few seconds?

Daily Create #3: Replace that Face: Place You or Your Friend in a Weird Place

Nothing says silly like attaching someone’s face onto someone else. On this website, this seemed to be one of the more normal things to attach it on. Imagine sitting in a bathtub covered in bubbles with nothing but a smile on and all of a sudden someone walks in. The sudden moment of silence when you’re thinking about something to say to explain the situation, but all you can do is look surprised.