Learning the Ways to Successful Cinematography

Week 4 Midweek Reflection

This week started the same as last week because my skills with video creating is just as incompetent as my skills with audio creating. However, I can say that my skills last week in audio creation increased dramatically, and I’m hoping the same will happen with my skills in video creating this week.

After reading and better understanding the assignments I have for this week, I began to work on them. I started by doing two daily creates, which took barely any time at all to complete. After completing the daily creates, I started to work on my reflections. The first reflection I had to complete was on Roger Ebert’s article on how to read a movie. This reflection wasn’t too difficult to do since I enjoyed reading Roger’s article and I picked up a lot of ideas from it. After completing the article reflection, I started the four video reflection. This also didn’t take too long considering the fact that the videos were relatively short and interesting. Lastly, I answered the question of the week, which was fairly unique.

Daily Create

This week’s daily creates each had a life of their own. Trying to find which ones to complete was tough to do since there were at least four creates I wanted to do. I ended up settling for the describe a tree and the artistic graph chart creates. I first completed the create an artistic graph chart daily create. While thinking about what I would want to create the graph chart on, I realized what I’ve been doing for the past four weeks, fasting. Ramadan completely changes my daily schedule every year, for better or for worse. My time spent sleeping skyrockets because of the decrease of energy in my body.

After completing that daily create, I went on to finish the take a photo of a tree and describe it daily create. This assignment was quite simple because I literally took five seconds to take the photo of the tree right outside of my house. I then went on to describe the tree on my tweet metaphorically. You can find the full blog post by clicking here.

Roger Ebert’s Short Piece Reflection

Reading Roger Ebert’s article on reading a movie helped expand my knowledge of the different ideas that come with film making. He talked a lot about how positioning can draw different moods and how different images capture different emotions. I go into more detail on my full blog, which can be found by clicking here.

Four Video Reflection

All movies use certain film techniques and methods to help capture different images and emotions. My job for this assignment was to choose four out of the eight short clips provided that display the techniques used in different movies, and reflect on them. The techniques the four videos displayed were methods I’ve already known for many years, such as zooming and jump cuts. Watching the clips definitely helped give me a better understanding of each technique and method by showing me how they are used in different scenes. I hope to use some of these techniques, especially the perspectives technique, for the upcoming film making assignments. You can find the full post by clicking here.


Question of the Week

We’ve all heard nursery rhymes at some point in our childhood. Thinking back many years ago, I constantly used to hear the “I’m a little teapot” nursery rhyme. Overtime, it got to the point where I absolutely hated hearing the song. Now, for this assignment, I had the chance to change a nursery rhyme so I thought the perfect nursery rhyme would have to be it. I attempted to completely change the mood of the nursery rhyme. The full blog post can be found by clicking here.

Creating Imagery Through Audio

Week 3 Midweek

After reading about the objective for this week, I became a bit nervous. Before this class, the only experience I had with audio came from recording my conversation for Spanish class in high school. Although, after learning more about the platforms that we will be using to record our audio, I became a bit more relaxed.

After completing two daily creates, I began working on my reflection assignments. The first assignment was to reflect on the two short videos of Jad Abumrad from RadioLab. In the first video he explained the concept of radio and how its empowered by its lack of pictures. He also explained how co-authorship and co-imagining fit with storytelling. In his second video, he explained how storytelling is still the same since ancient times. Lastly, I completed the audio reflection on the short story Moon Graffiti. This piece used many different and unique audio techniques I explain later.


When you think of audio, the first thing that pops in your mind is sound. Sound vibrations that travel through the air and eventually hit our eardrums. Audio is defined as “any sound or noise that is within a range the human ear is capable of hearing.” Audio will help me this week  tell stories and information to people. For the upcoming assignments, I will use SoundCloud and Audacity to record my audio. Hopefully while people listen to my audio pieces, they will subconsciously create mental images in order to deeply understand the context behind what I am talking about.

Daily Creates

The daily creates I chose for this week were a bit different than usual. The first daily create required me to choose an image from the europeana art collection and create a GIF out of it. Creating a GIF is something that is very foreign to me since I’m usually the viewer, not the creator. I did, however, find it much more simple to create a GIF than I thought it would be.

The second daily create required me to create a card to congratulate Alan and Cori for their marriage. Creating congratulatory cards is among the most enjoyable things for me to do, especially when its for a couple getting married. Marriage is one the greatest events we are going to witness in our lives. Nothing beats seeing two people tying the knot for life. You can see the GIF and the wedding card I created, as well as their descriptions, by clicking here.

Reading and Resource Reflection

For this assignment, I had to watch two videos on audio then read about different audio resources and reflect on them. I actually found much of what Jad Abumrad said during his videos reasonable. I do believe that there is a sense of “co-imagining” when storytelling because everyone that hears a story has to picture the events happening without a physical picture in-sight. With that creates a connection with the storyteller because you start feeling empathy for what the storyteller is saying.

The audio resources explained on the canvas page are programs that I am quite familiar with, but not for the purposes of completing the upcoming assignments. I only know about SoundCloud for hearing music and sound bites. I learned about audacity in high school and used it to record audio, but I always had an adult help with the mechanics. In preparation for the upcoming audio assignments, I am going to have to practice recording audio on my own. To read my full blog post of my reflections on the videos and the audio resources, click here.

Audio Reflection

For this assignment, I had to listen to Moon Graffiti, which is a short story of what would’ve happened if Apollo 11 crashed. I had to try to pick up different audio techniques the performers and editors used, as well as how they used audio to create different moods and tones. Hearing the combination of all the sounds makes you feel like you are actually in the situation in space with the astronauts. You can find the full blog post where I explain more about the audio story by clicking here.

Overcoming Obstacles

Mid-Week Reflection

This week started much more strange for me than last week. I was getting ready to complete my assignments on the checklist for the mid-week when all of a sudden I get a notification from my inbox that says my website is unresponsive. At first I panicked, but after calming down I quickly tried to find the issue and resolve it. I found that my disk usage was all used up, mostly from my application backups. I then went on to delete the backups and lo and behold, my website started working again.

Image result for anxiety gif

After all the madness was fixed, I began to work on my assignments. I started by doing the daily create, which I ended up doing three of. The daily creates didn’t take too long to complete and I quite enjoyed completing them. I then went on to watch and reflect on the two TED talks, as well as go through the canva.com design tutorials. The tutorials taught me a lot about different techniques and methods for quality designs. The TED talks were given by Paula Scher and David Carson, both of whom are designers. They both explained their process for design and what makes a good design.

Later in the week, I went on to complete five of the eight concepts for the DesignBlitz. The photos I took for the DesignBlitz happened to be of objects in my house, which is where I found the objects for my PhotoBlitz in the previous week. Finally, I completed the question of the week, which was on a very interesting topic. Changing history is something that is impossible to do, but if you had the chance to change it, what would you change? I talk about what I would change later in the blog.

Daily Creates 

For this weeks daily creates, I chose to complete three prompts that seemed the most interesting. The first daily create I chose to complete was the make a meme of it create. Certain music videos you watch just make absolutely no logical sense whatsoever, and that is what makes them meme worthy.

For my second daily create, I had to come up with an idea for an app I would want to make. I thought long and hard about what many people do that takes a long time to process. I ultimately came up with an ethnicity app that is a quicker, simpler, and much cheaper, in comparison to ancestry.com, way of finding your ethnic background.

My final daily create consisted of swapping someone’s face on to another person’s face. I found the website for this daily create to be quite unusual and mildly inappropriate. I stumbled upon lots of absurd imagery on my way to find something that looked reasonably normal. In my search I found the best image that defines awkward, a guy taking a bubble bath.

In my latest daily create blog, you will find the full post where I explain the process of completing the daily creates. Below you will find my favorite daily create (the third daily create) for this mid-week.

TED Talks and Canva Tutorials

The designers, Paula Scher and David Carson, brought up great points in their TED talks. Paula emphasized how the best work comes from serious play that is not solemn. David talked about how simple designs are sometimes the best designs. David also brought up how the design’s main purpose is to attract attention and make people remember your design. I reflect on the talks and my experience using the canva tutorials in my full reflection blog.


The whole world is filled with design. If you walk outside today, you will see thousands of things that were designed by people. Each design has its own characteristics and attributes that makes it unique. After reviewing the eight principles of design, I grabbed my camera and got to work. You can find all my photos for the DesignBlitz and their descriptions here.

Question of the Week

If you could change any one thing in history, what would it be? I began the process of choosing the one thing in history I would change by thinking about something that has had a global impact on millions of people. I ultimately thought of something that almost everyone I know experiences, which is smartphone addiction. No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, we are attached to this small rectangular device. Smartphone addiction can lead to some real problems in someone’s life if not treated, which I talk about in my full blog post.

Week 1 MidWeek

First Steps…

The days leading up to the first day of class I was contemplating my decision of registering for this class because it is completely different than any class I have ever taken in my life. Now, to be honest, I am more than glad I chose to take this class. Once I got the beginning steps out of the way, I found that blogging, and other activities that we will be engaging in this class, are things I surprisingly enjoy. The week started slow but definitely got more interesting and joyful as time went on. After getting all the account registration and setups complete, we had to respond to the Daily Create, which is the Say What You See challenge, with our response of what phrase we see; then we had to create a Say What You See challenge of our own. Below you can find mine!

Life In Pixels

Later in the midweek, we had to upload 3 photos on Instagram as a way to introduce ourselves to our fellow peers. I chose to post photos that describe large events of my life for the past decade. My high school graduation with family and friends, playoff season my senior year, and the final portrait of my football career. Find the post down below!

My Life, Digitally

Question Of The Week

What is your favorite type of story? Why?

My favorite type of story has to be action/adventure. When I read action/adventure stories, I envision myself on the journey with the characters in the story. The exhilarating experience of escaping the real world and entering a different dimension and a whole new world is an experience I only get while reading action/adventure stories. These types of stories are sure to keep me interested and forget about the stresses and worries of everyday life.

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