A Long and Creative Journey

Week 5 Final

It’s hard to think that this will be my last blog post in this course. I’ve spent countless hours each week, for the past month, trying to perfect the quality of my content. I can say that I am more confident now in my creative abilities than I have ever been in my entire life. I have learned many skills in this class that I will use for the rest of my life, which I can’t say is true for some of my other classes. This course has indirectly taught me how to find my inner creator.

This final project was a grind to complete, like many other assignments. My final story was on my journey to space and the moon, going through very mysterious and surprisingly scary events. Each media piece, which you find more about below, has its own short story that corresponds with the overall big picture of the story of my time in space.

Daily Creates

The world has millions of fascinating features to it. In this generation of new technology and devices, people tend to forget about those features. Going outside and exploring nature can do so many positive things to your mind and your body. For my first daily create assignment, my job was to share a photo of a sunset so we can all take a moment to appreciate nature.

For my second daily create, I chose to do the perfect ending create. I was required to write the perfect ending, along with a fitting photo. I went with a couple watching a sunset after a long and hard day at work. There’s nothing more stress relieving than spending some alone time with someone you love.

For my last daily create, I chose to complete the “There’s a Gap” create. For this assignment, I was required to find a gap anywhere and post it. This was by far the simplest daily create I’ve done this semester. The full blog post, with all three daily creates, can be found by clicking here.

Written Story (Embeds all media)

For my final project, I chose to talk about the story of my exciting journey to the moon. I went through many amazing and terrifying experiences while on the trip. I found out pretty soon that outer space isn’t as empty as we think it is. In my story I describe the different activities I did and how I did them. You can find the full story with all the other media linked in it by clicking here.


There is not many better places to take photos than in outer space. The amount of beautiful lights coming from stars and darkness from afar creates an amazing setting. On my trip, I was able to capture some pretty awesome photos, as well as an amazing selfie. I am taking the selfie craze to new heights, literally. You can find my photo and its description by clicking here.


There are many unique planets and stars that each have certain shapes and sizes. This is the reason I believe space holds lots of great motivation for designers. Having lots of free time on my hand on board the spaceship, I decided to create a design based on the Earth from a view in outer space. You can find the design with its description by clicking here.


Scientists still haven’t found any proof of extraterrestrial life in outer space, but I think I did. While walking on the moon with my crew I started hearing these scary and alien-like sounds. When I got back to the spaceship, I came to find out that my spacesuit was recording the audio the entire time. The audio and its description can be found by clicking here.


Videos in space can capture many different jarring elements, except sound. Sound can’t travel in space, but light can. I was able to capture some great videos of my experience taking a space walk. Looking down and seeing nothing but darkness can frighten some people, but I enjoy the thrill. You can find the full video by clicking here.

Strange and Exhilarating Times on the Moon

A Rocky, but Fun, Ride to the Moon (Written Story)

My trip to the moon was not what I expected it to be at all. Before liftoff on Earth, I pictured myself walking on the moon, laughing and conversing with my fellow astronauts and just having a great time. That laughing was more like screaming for us on our last walk on the moon. There were many times I heard strange noises while walking on the moon, but none like the last day. The strange noises my crew and I heard on that day petrified us all and made us never want to come back to the moon.

When you are in a spaceship, moments away from launch, you’re not thinking about the dangers that can come from entering a world that few people get to visit. All you think about is the once-in-a-lifetime adventure you are going to have up there. I would be lying, however, if I didn’t mention the great times I had in space. Away from all the madness, there were many times where I felt like I was having the time of my life. Being able to design art with a great scenery gives you all the motivation in the world. Getting a chance to have a direct view of the Earth, other planets and stars, gives you new ideas and inclinations that you would’ve never gotten being stuck on Earth.

Taking photos on the moon was also another highlight of my trip. Being able to capture rare images that only a few people can ever have the chance to take is a great feeling. The selfie I took on my space walk is definitely my favorite photo I’ve ever taken. The entire Earth floating right behind me in the photo is like none other.

Recording videos in space was also a great experience. The footage I captured while taking my first space walk was incredible. Taking the space walk gave me much better appreciation for the universe. You can find some pretty amazing things when you leave the Earth’s atmosphere, not all of it, however, can be friendly.

Overall, this trip was an exhilarating ride for me and my crew. The amount of strange and beautiful things we saw and heard while on the moon is unfathomable. Experiencing new things can open your eyes to a whole new world that you can’t get by not getting out of your comfort zone, and that is exactly what I did on this trip.

Quality Spacewalk Footage

Fascinating Spacewalk Clip (Video)

Along with photos, taking videos is a great way to capture incredible moments and sights in space. Videos in space, unfortunately, don’t have background sounds since space has no air for sound to travel in. Going for a space walk definitely got my mind off of the loads of work I have to do later today. I recorded the footage using my go-pro camera I brought with me from Earth. I decided to add some background music to the video to make the scene even more beautiful and emotional.

Taking a space walk is the equivalent to taking a walk on the beach on Earth, except the fact that there is no water in space and you can’t physically walk, rather you are just floating. Nonetheless, the view you get when going on a space walk is unbelievable. If this doesn’t get you to appreciate the world even more, I don’t know what will.

The Process:

In order to create my video, I used the clipchamp video editor. Clipchamp is a free online video editing website that allows you to have most of the professional editing tools that top quality video editors have.

  1. The first step I took was to create a new project in clipchamp. I added a fitting title and set the aspect ratio to widescreen for the best quality video.
  2. Second, I converted two YouTube videos of an astronaut taking a space walk to an MP4 file on to my computer using ytmp3. I then found an audio clip to fit the background setting of the video. I converted that audio piece to an MP3 file also using ytmp3.
  3. Third, I uploaded the videos and audio to my clipchamp project and dragged them down to the video editor section. 
  4. Fourth, I trimmed the video using the split tool to fit the audio’s duration, which was around two minutes and twenty seconds. Then finally, I exported the audio as an MP4 file on to my computer.

Dark Star Photographer

Selfies in outer space (Photography)

Bringing a camera with me to space was the best idea ever. The photos I was able to capture on my trip were absolutely incredible. Taking photos of the sun rising, stars twinkling, and the earth rotating gave me a new outlook on life. When I was stuck on earth, I never took the time to realize what is going on in outer space and the amount of beautiful things that go on out there. Getting a chance to see it first hand was breathtaking.

Throughout my trip I was taking many photos of different objects when all of a sudden one day I had the inclination to take a selfie on my space walk. There’s not that many photos that can beat one of you taking a picture of yourself with the entire world in the background.

The Process:

To edit my photo, I used the befunky photo editor. This website is a great free alternative to adobe Photoshop, and also includes many of the same incredible features that Photoshop has.

  1. The first step I took was to find the right image to edit. I chose to go with an astronaut taking a selfie because it best represents my perspective in my story, which is “I’m bored and I’m looking for something fun to do in space”.
  2. The second step I took to edit my photo was to change the lighting. The original photo was a bit dim, which created a dark mood. I decided to up the lighting to 100%.
  3. The third step I took was to turn the smoothing on the photo down to 0%. The reason I did this was to make the photo a bit more clearer.
  4. Lastly, I increased the saturation for the photo to add more vibrancy. This brought out many stronger colors from the lights on Earth, as well as from the astronaut’s space suit.

Portrait of the World

Bright light from the star (Design)

While I was on-board the space-ship, I had many moments of extreme boredom. Since I couldn’t play video games on space, I decided to start designing. Lucky enough for me, I brought my personal computer on-board the spacecraft. Since I had lots of design motivations from the environment around me, I took advantage of the opportunity and got to work.

I looked outside the window of the spaceship and saw the Earth, the moon, satellites, and other planets. I decided to include all of these elements in my design to create a neatly packed image of space. The sun rising from behind the earth helps bring the title of the design to life.

The Process:

In order to create this design, I used canva’s create a design platform. I was able to get most of the photos and designs I wanted straight out of canva’s files, rather than searching for them on google images.

  1. I started off by choosing which design I wanted to create. I went with the desktop wallpaper format because I thought it was the best frame to fit the image of the earth.
  2. Second, I uploaded the image of the earth I had onto the page. This image of the earth also shows the sun rising up on the left side, which I felt was a nice addition to give some light to the image.
  3. Third, I added a fitting title with a line under it, as well as a spaceship with an astronaut floating to the side of it to fit the context of the story.
  4. Lastly, I added some other illustrations and elements, such as satellites and other planets, that fit the setting of the image.

Strange Space Sounds

Was that an alien!? (Audio)

So here I am on board the landed spaceship on the moon with my fellow astronauts. We all finished our work early today so we had lots of free time ahead of us. We all decided to go for a walk outside on the moon one last time before we headed back to planet Earth. We put our space suits on and set up all our equipment. We then lifted the strong metal lever on the door and slowly opened it. I walked down the steps from the spaceship on to the ground of the moon. I looked around and saw nothing but craters and rocks as far as the eye can see. As we started walking further away from the spaceship, I started to hear these strange noises coming from afar, but I had no idea who or where it was coming from. I began talking with my crew and asking them if they were making those sounds or knew where it was coming from, and all they could say is no. I slowly began to become more nervous and worried. I told myself that it was probably sounds coming from my head, since I was a little dehydrated then.

We continued to walk even further away from the spaceship to the point where we couldn’t even see it anymore. Time went on and we started getting tired so we began to head back to the spaceship. All of a sudden, we started hearing extremely loud alien-like sounds coming from behind us. We all panicked and ran back to the spaceship as fast as we could, which obviously wasn’t that fast since we were on the moon. When we finally got back to the spacecraft, we all were lost with what just happened. I realized that my communication device in my spacesuit was recording the audio the entire time. I was able to capture the sound and link it down below. I added some intense background music to make it more dramatic…

The Process:

To create my audio piece, I used audacity to combine the sounds I got from YouTube. I wanted to make the audio piece consist of only three audio clips to make it sound more controlled.

  1. I started the process by looking for audio clips of astronauts communicating, alien sounds, and intense background music from YouTube. After finding the audio clips, I created a new project in audacity.
  2. Second, I converted the three YouTube audio clips into MP3 files by using ytmp3. After converting the audio pieces, I imported them into my audacity project. Two of the audio clips were around one minute while the intense background music was more than two minutes. I decided to delete part of that audio clip so the entire audio piece would be around one minute.
  3. Finally, I exported the audio piece as an MP3 file on to my computer.


The Many Beauties of Sunsets and Nature

Daily Create #1: Let’s all take a second to appreciate the beauty of nature

Amidst all of the chaos that is going on around the world, I feel people need a chance to get away from the news media and spend time with nature. Getting a chance to go outside and simply watch a sunset can do so much cleansing to you mentally, spiritually, and even physically. For this daily create assignment, my job was to share a picture of a sunset so people can take a second to appreciate the beauty of nature. Sunsets are one of the most satisfying and relaxing events you can watch everyday. In the age of the internet and computers, people are starting to under appreciate nature.

Daily Create #2: The perfect ending

Some days are just better than others. During those days that don’t seem to go our way, we tend to lose hope and optimism. The best way to boost your mood when you’re down is to spend some quality time alone with someone you love. Whether that would be your significant other, family member, etc. For this daily create, I was required to write a short ending with a fitting picture to it. As you can see below, what is better than watching the many beauties of the world with someone you love dearly?

Daily Create #3: There’s a Gap

I couldn’t be the only one that felt weird not completing the daily creates for the end of last week. It felt like a large “gap” in my day was created because the thirty minutes of my day that I spend working on the daily creates was spent doing something else. For this daily create, my job was to find a gap anywhere and post it. I chose to go with a gap in a wall that shows a nice view of the sea, rather than just a plain boring wall made of stones.

12 Stars In 12 Hours

Week 4

This week of assignments was a lot different than previous weeks. Getting the hang of creating and editing videos was a bit of a struggle for me, but I managed to get it done. As with my journey with learning audio creation, it took some dedicated time to learn the ins and outs of video creating and editing.

This week started different because we didn’t have to complete the daily creates that we normally complete. This gave me more time to focus on my other assignments, which were the 12 stars of video assignment from the assignment bank. The four video assignments I chose to complete were the video game lowlights, video game highlights, 5 second film, and what do you love assignment. The assignments each took about an hour or two to complete, which is much less than what I expected.

Gaming Lowlights (3 Stars)

Gaming is similar to life based on the fact that there are good and bad moments. Those bad moments cause anger, sadness and make you want to give up. Most people try to forget about those moments, but for this assignment, I had to revisit those terrible times. My job for this assignment was to create the opposite of a highlight reel, which is a lowlight reel. You can find the full video and process of creation on my blog post by clicking here.


Gaming Highlights (3 Stars)

Like sports, gaming has its awesome moments that you can watch over and over again. People usually put these moments into something known as a ‘highlight reel’, which is a collection of the best moments in a game. This assignment required me to find the best clips of my gameplay and combine them into a highlight reel. The full post can be found by clicking here.

5 Second Film (4 Stars)

Creating very short videos requires extreme attention to detail and precise editing to fit everything into the time stamp. For this assignment, I had to create a five second video that includes at least one joke or gag. I created the video solely on my response for the last question of the week, which was to change a nursery rhyme. You can find the full post by clicking here.

What do you love? (2 Stars)

Having something you feel passionate about is a great feeling. One of the biggest passions I have in all of my life is video gaming. The chance to escape reality and enter a realm with no rules and no responsibilities, there is nothing like it. I have picked up on many different video games over my lifetime, but I would have to say without a shadow of a doubt that Grand Theft Auto V has been my favorite game ever. I talk more about this in my full blog post, which can be found by clicking here.

My Love For Videogames Knows No Boundaries

What do you love? (2 Stars)

Love is a strong word. When you use it, you are implying that you have an intense and deep feeling of affection towards something. My feelings for playing video games is that way. As a kid, I would play for hours upon hours of my favorite video games everyday. It got to the point where I was a bit addicted and I didn’t even notice it. For this assignment, my job was to compile clips of something I love, which is video games. Below is my compilation video of my favorite clips on YouTube from my favorite game ever, Grand Theft Auto V. (The name of the people who each clip belongs to appears on the top left corner)

GTA V is among the most detail oriented games ever created. The incredible attention to small details the developers put is unimaginable. It truly is one of the greatest games ever created, and has had me glued to it for years now.

The Process

The process for creating the video started the same as the other video assignments. I started off the process by creating a new project in clipchamp. Clipchamp is an online video editing program that allows someone to professionally edit videos for free.

  1. The first step I took after creating the project was to upload the different clips I wanted to mash together onto clipchamp.
  2. Second, I uploaded background audio I found on YouTube to play for most of the intense moments in the video. I then used the splitting tool to capture the footage I wanted and get rid of the excess footage that I didn’t want.
  3. Lastly, I exported my project as an MP4 file on to my computer.

Some Video Game Highlights

Videogame Highlights (3 Stars)

Going back and looking at some of the better moments in your gaming experience gives you a chance to revisit some pretty sick moments that you may have forgotten about. Most of the time when we game, we don’t have an incentive to record our gameplay, but for me, doing so gives me a chance to catch a rare or epic moment. For this video assignment, I complied the best moments in my gaming experience for the first person shooter Phantom Forces.

The Process:

Creating my gaming highlights was very similar to the process of creating my videogame lowlights. I used clipchamp to create and edit my video entirely. The video editing took around an hour to complete, whereas the audio editing took only fifteen minutes.

  1. I started off by opening a new project in clipchamp and setting the preferred video length to three minutes. Setting the preferred length gives you a benchmark to follow.
  2. Second, I uploaded the gameplay videos I had stored in my videos file into my project. After that, I uploaded the background music from YouTube.
  3. Third, I used the split tool to capture the footage of my highlights into a small clip and remove the footage I don’t want.
  4. Lastly, I exported the file as an MP4 file onto my computer in the videos folder.