A Long and Creative Journey

Week 5 Final

It’s hard to think that this will be my last blog post in this course. I’ve spent countless hours each week, for the past month, trying to perfect the quality of my content. I can say that I am more confident now in my creative abilities than I have ever been in my entire life. I have learned many skills in this class that I will use for the rest of my life, which I can’t say is true for some of my other classes. This course has indirectly taught me how to find my inner creator.

This final project was a grind to complete, like many other assignments. My final story was on my journey to space and the moon, going through very mysterious and surprisingly scary events. Each media piece, which you find more about below, has its own short story that corresponds with the overall big picture of the story of my time in space.

Daily Creates

The world has millions of fascinating features to it. In this generation of new technology and devices, people tend to forget about those features. Going outside and exploring nature can do so many positive things to your mind and your body. For my first daily create assignment, my job was to share a photo of a sunset so we can all take a moment to appreciate nature.

For my second daily create, I chose to do the perfect ending create. I was required to write the perfect ending, along with a fitting photo. I went with a couple watching a sunset after a long and hard day at work. There’s nothing more stress relieving than spending some alone time with someone you love.

For my last daily create, I chose to complete the “There’s a Gap” create. For this assignment, I was required to find a gap anywhere and post it. This was by far the simplest daily create I’ve done this semester. The full blog post, with all three daily creates, can be found by clicking here.

Written Story (Embeds all media)

For my final project, I chose to talk about the story of my exciting journey to the moon. I went through many amazing and terrifying experiences while on the trip. I found out pretty soon that outer space isn’t as empty as we think it is. In my story I describe the different activities I did and how I did them. You can find the full story with all the other media linked in it by clicking here.


There is not many better places to take photos than in outer space. The amount of beautiful lights coming from stars and darkness from afar creates an amazing setting. On my trip, I was able to capture some pretty awesome photos, as well as an amazing selfie. I am taking the selfie craze to new heights, literally. You can find my photo and its description by clicking here.


There are many unique planets and stars that each have certain shapes and sizes. This is the reason I believe space holds lots of great motivation for designers. Having lots of free time on my hand on board the spaceship, I decided to create a design based on the Earth from a view in outer space. You can find the design with its description by clicking here.


Scientists still haven’t found any proof of extraterrestrial life in outer space, but I think I did. While walking on the moon with my crew I started hearing these scary and alien-like sounds. When I got back to the spaceship, I came to find out that my spacesuit was recording the audio the entire time. The audio and its description can be found by clicking here.


Videos in space can capture many different jarring elements, except sound. Sound can’t travel in space, but light can. I was able to capture some great videos of my experience taking a space walk. Looking down and seeing nothing but darkness can frighten some people, but I enjoy the thrill. You can find the full video by clicking here.

12 Stars In 12 Hours

Week 4

This week of assignments was a lot different than previous weeks. Getting the hang of creating and editing videos was a bit of a struggle for me, but I managed to get it done. As with my journey with learning audio creation, it took some dedicated time to learn the ins and outs of video creating and editing.

This week started different because we didn’t have to complete the daily creates that we normally complete. This gave me more time to focus on my other assignments, which were the 12 stars of video assignment from the assignment bank. The four video assignments I chose to complete were the video game lowlights, video game highlights, 5 second film, and what do you love assignment. The assignments each took about an hour or two to complete, which is much less than what I expected.

Gaming Lowlights (3 Stars)

Gaming is similar to life based on the fact that there are good and bad moments. Those bad moments cause anger, sadness and make you want to give up. Most people try to forget about those moments, but for this assignment, I had to revisit those terrible times. My job for this assignment was to create the opposite of a highlight reel, which is a lowlight reel. You can find the full video and process of creation on my blog post by clicking here.


Gaming Highlights (3 Stars)

Like sports, gaming has its awesome moments that you can watch over and over again. People usually put these moments into something known as a ‘highlight reel’, which is a collection of the best moments in a game. This assignment required me to find the best clips of my gameplay and combine them into a highlight reel. The full post can be found by clicking here.

5 Second Film (4 Stars)

Creating very short videos requires extreme attention to detail and precise editing to fit everything into the time stamp. For this assignment, I had to create a five second video that includes at least one joke or gag. I created the video solely on my response for the last question of the week, which was to change a nursery rhyme. You can find the full post by clicking here.

What do you love? (2 Stars)

Having something you feel passionate about is a great feeling. One of the biggest passions I have in all of my life is video gaming. The chance to escape reality and enter a realm with no rules and no responsibilities, there is nothing like it. I have picked up on many different video games over my lifetime, but I would have to say without a shadow of a doubt that Grand Theft Auto V has been my favorite game ever. I talk more about this in my full blog post, which can be found by clicking here.

Heck Of A Long Week

Week 3 Final

What a week this has been. I probably spent more time working on the assignments for this week than the last two weeks combined. It’s fair to say that I am absolutely drained from the edits and revisions I had to make on all three of my audio clips. With that being said, I can say that the outcome of the audio clips were absolutely worth it.

This week started with me completing two daily creates, which didn’t take much time at all. After completing them, I went on to start the alternative history assignment. This assignment took an extended amount of time to complete because of my amateur knowledge of the world of audio creation. Although it took a lot of time, the outcome made it seem worth while. After completing the alternate history assignment, I went on to complete an assignment that was somewhat similar to it. Creating a short story with only sounds seemed like it wouldn’t take too long to complete, but boy was I wrong. Having to convert and edit five audio clips from YouTube was a process of its own.

Furthermore, after finishing up that assignment, I jumped into the last audio assignment of the week. Since this assignment gave us the luxury of choosing any additional five stars from the assignment bank, I decided to go with one five star assignment. I now understand why that assignment was five stars. I didn’t realize that having a conversation with myself can be so difficult. You’ll find out later about the assignment’s demanding process. Lastly, commenting on three different student’s blogs was a nice ending to a long week. I was able to hear different and unique audio clips, as well as view some pretty neat domains. Nonetheless, I can definitely say that I learned more about audio creating and editing in this week than in all of my life.

Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates carried the same theme as every other one, be creative. The first daily create I did was the write your name in other characters create. Our job was to use the Tifinagh characters that correspond with each letter of our name, to write our name. This Wikipedia page has each Latin letter that matches with its corresponding Tifinagh character.

The second daily create required us to share what we would like to teach the world to do. Coming off a week where our main job was to be creative, I knew one of the greatest things you can teach someone is to be creative. Teaching someone creativity is one of the easiest and best things. The ability to let your mind wander and enter a world where it is just you and your wild thoughts. You can find the full detailed daily create blog post by clicking here.

Alternative History

This assignment required us to narrate a short story of our alternative history choice from the previous week. In my short story, I talked about the different problems with smartphones, such as their addictions and the serious consequences that follow. I created this assignment using Audacity to record the audio and YouTube to get the background sounds. You can find the full story and process by clicking here.

Sound Effect Story

Scary stories are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Hearing them gets the adrenaline in your body rushing rapidly and the flight or fight response kicking in. The feeling sure is one of a kind and that is why people love hearing, as well as seeing, scary stories. My job for this assignment was to create a story using just sound effects I find from the internet. I used five different scary sounds throughout my audio clip to create an intense and frightening scene. You can find the full short story and the process of completion by clicking here.

Five Stars of Additional Design Work

The last audio assignment for this week was to choose an additional five stars assignment. I decided to go with the have a phone conversation with yourself five star design assignment. This assignment seemed the silliest to do out of any assignment I’ve done so far. It felt very strange and unusual having a conversation with myself. I can only imagine what my family would think if they heard me having the conversation with myself. As silly as this assignment seemed, it was also the most time consuming. I spent a good hour just trying to write the script and record myself talking. The editing and revisions took a good chunk of time as well. The full blog post, where the audio clip and the process to completing the audio clip are, can be found by clicking here.

Comment and Participate

I very much enjoyed viewing and commenting on different student’s audio blog posts. I was able to find and obtain different methods and techniques different people used to complete their audio assignments. Some students used the freesound website, while I used YouTube to extract all of the audio I was going to use for my audio clips. The full blog post with screenshots of the comments can be found by clicking here.

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun

Week 2 End of Week

This week got much better and smoother as time went on. If you don’t remember, my website was down on the first day of this week. Besides the fact that my website works perfectly now, I happened to really enjoy the assignments this week. I started the week going through and reading the assignments and I noticed that there are more design assignments this time around. This was a kid in a candy store feeling for me because I knew there would be several different creative and unique designs I can create.

Later, I started working on my assignments on the checklist. I started this week, as I start every other week, doing the daily creates. The daily creates I chose seemed interesting and were a lot of fun in the process of creating. After completing the daily creates, I went on to finish the alternative book cover assignment from the assignment bank. I’ve always wanted to write my own book, but designing the cover, in my opinion, seems just as great. I then went on to complete the alternative history assignment, which was somewhat similar to the book cover assignment.

After finishing up that assignment, I went on to complete the last design assignment, which was the choose your own design assignment. Lastly, I went on to comment and critique on three different individual’s blog posts. Seeing all the wonderful and original blog posts gave me an even stronger motivation to be creative.

Daily Creates

This week’s daily creates took a bit longer than last week’s because of the amount of editing that I needed to do. The first daily create I completed was the identify a brand’s font and create a fake ad create. This assignment took some time to complete because I was using Photoshop, which I haven’t used in a while. After regaining my knowledge of how to perform certain tasks, I started editing the text on the photo. I tried to make the ad look as legit as possible, while still being fake. Click here to view the full post.

The second daily create consisted of creating a catchy advertising slogan for the Alchemy Lab. Creating a catchy slogan requires simplicity, which I believe mine has. You’re slogan needs to be able to roll off of someone’s tongue and make them remember it. Again, you can find the full blog post by clicking here.

Alternative Book Cover

Creating a good quality book cover requires organization, tone that matches the story, and attractiveness. For this assignment, our job was to create a book cover on the alternative history we chose for the question of the week. My question of the week was, “What if there were no such thing as smartphones?”

My book cover portrays the many actions that we do with our smartphones. In my full blog post, I go into greater detail about the process of creating my book cover and back side.

Alternative History

For this assignment, we had to create a new image that puts a historic figure in a different place if history was changed. Following my question of the week topic, I chose to create an image that changes one of the most historic events in smartphone history. We all remember January 9, 2007, when Steve Jobs stood up on stage to unveil the first ever iPhone. Imagine if it wasn’t the iPhone that he was presenting, but his newest book. How different would life be today for all of us? I go into more detail about this in my blog post.

Choose Your Own Design

This assignment required at least four stars of design assignments from the assignment bank. The first design assignment I chose was the create a charity ad task. Donating to a charity is something that we should all do because it can help them fund their missions. Whether it’s a charity for cancer research or feeding the poor, donating can help someone out. I designed an ad for a charity that I’m quite fond of and believe in their initiative. You can find the image of my charity ad in my full blog post.

The second design assignment I chose to do was the generate cool letters task. I used the cool letters website to create a design of my name in a really unique and stylish way. Below is an example of the cool design that I was able to create.


Being able to read blog posts from other students was a lot of fun. It gave me a better understanding of the incredible creativity people have. I chose to comment on three posts that I found the most interesting. In my latest blog post, I talk about the three blogs that I commented on and give screenshots of the comments.

Keep Calm and Trust the Process

(End of Week One Summary)

It’s hard to think that a week has already gone by in this class, since only a few days ago I wasn’t totally sure about my decision to take this class. Nonetheless, this week has been more fun than I could’ve ever imagined it to be. As the week went by, I improved my ability to take and post better pictures. I learned many tips of how to take better quality photos in this YouTube video by Martha Burtis and Nigel Harstaad, who both work at UMW. Tweeting, which is something I used to never do, is becoming easier the more I do it. Furthermore, writing and editing posts on WordPress are becoming second nature.

Image result for are we there yet gif


Daily Creates

The second half of the week started with me doing the usual daily creates. For the first daily create, I had to edit an image on Snapchat and place bitmoji characters in it to create a scene. I chose the setting to be in outer space with nothing but stars in sight. My bitmojis seemed to be wandering around and coming from many different places…

For the second daily create, I chose to “Flaunt that Font”. Basically, I used lingojam to change my normal font text into a wacky font text. I decided to use Babe Ruth’s famous quote since it was a quote that I live by.



The biggest challenge this week for me had to be learning and implementing the tips talked about in the Tips for Better Photography page. There were many habits I had to overcome, which I talk about here. The more I practiced the tips given in the article, the more I became comfortable using them in the process of taking photos.

Related image

The Abandoned America website was incredibly amusing to explore. Each image in the galleries tells a story of its own. Just looking at the images, I felt like I knew the entire past of the setting. The darkness and desolated vibe the images give off is what makes them so unique. The image below was taken from an abandoned hospital and it looks like something straight out of a zombie apocalyptic horror movie. The reason is because of the destruction that is taken place in the site. Many of the photos of abandoned buildings show torn up walls, debris everywhere, and not a single sign of life.

Algonquin River State Hospital* portfolio


Assignment Bank: The Life of a Superhero (Three Stars):

Although many Superheros are Super humans, many of them still have human characteristics. Many Superheros go through the daily struggles that normal people go through. When they’re not in action fighting crime and trying to save the world from falling apart, they are doing everyday normal things. As you can see below, Hulk is sewing his infamous purple shorts, which seemed to be torn on the back (probably because his enormous legs ripped it…).



Assignment Bank: Favorite Photo (Two Stars):

The reason the photo down below is my favorite shows that I love action/adventure. Nothing says going on an adventure like mountains, beach, and trees. Exploring nature is the best way to get your mind of off any stresses going on in your life. It can, in many ways, be a panacea to all your real life problems. Walking to the beach and seeing all the action taking place from the surfers riding waves to people playing volleyball is a joy for anyone.


Assignment Bank: Larger than Life (One Star):

Even the most ordinary things in life can look monstrous just by changing your view of them. Below you can see a picture I took of a simple lamp that I am normally taller than. All of a sudden, when I get lower and look up at the lamp it looks like a large and powerful object beaming light everywhere.


Ready, Set, PhotoBlitz!

The PhotoBlitz assignment was another assignment that I enjoyed the process of. Upon seeing the prompts for the photos, I quickly realized that I had not 20 minutes, but 15 minutes to take as many photos as I can using the given prompts. I chose prompts for photos that I usually don’t take because I really wanted to challenge myself and see if I really learned the tips in the article I read earlier. The photos turned out a lot better than I expected and I was very much pleased with it. Find the gallery of some of the photos I took below or click here to view my blog post about the experience.



Overall, this has been a very useful and beneficial week. What I am most content about this week and this class in general is how the skills I learn in this class will actually be useful for my everyday life when I leave this class. I learned about the tips and tricks of photography, I learned about how to implement all my social media accounts and other sourced images and websites to make my blogs be more interesting, fun, and organized. I used the skills I learned from the photography tips article to make my pictures for PhotoBlitz look much better. Finally, I completed the assignment banks by using my creativity and imagination!