Final Project: Tracking Personal Nutrition

For my final project, I decided to track my nutrition today using With this incredible app, which was developed by Under Armour, I was able to track the amount of calories I ate per day, as well as the number of macronutrients, which consists of protein, carbs, and fats, and micronutrients, which consists of vitamins and minerals, that I consumed.

Before I started charting my meals, I first wanted to check how many calories I need to consume. I calculated the amount of calories I need to consume using I entered in my age, gender, height, weight, and the amount of physical activity I get per week. Based on all those factors, the website estimated that I need to eat roughly 2500 calories per day to maintain my weight.

As you can see from the above photo, I entered each food, as well as the serving size, that I consumed for each meal. For breakfast I had a bowl of cereal along with a banana and black tea, which I didn’t put since tea has no calories or nutrients. For lunch I had 2 turkey sandwiches with a large cup of apple juice. Finally, for dinner I had plain chicken and rice with a bottle of Gatorade as well as a dark chocolate granola bar as a snack. After entering all my meals, I clicked on generate report and was given a progress report about my nutritional facts as a whole.

As you can see from the above image, I ended up being 132 calories shy of my calorie goal. I was also 14 grams of carbohydrates below my carb goal, 39 grams of fat below my fats goal, and 57 grams of protein above my protein goal. I exceeded the amount of salt I needed to consume by 627 milligrams and sugar by 41 grams. The pie chart shows each of the macronutrient’s proportions to the total. My carb total was just over 57% of my total macros, protein was at 35% of the total, and fats was 8% of the total.

Furthermore, I was able to track the amount of water I drank the entire day. The recommended amount of water consumption on the site was 8 cups per day, however, I only ended up consuming 6 cups of water. That amounts to 75% of my goal total water intake.

Overall, I enjoyed the entire process of this project and can honestly say that I will be using this app more often in the future. I’ve always believed in using technology to improve our lives and what better way than to use it to monitor our eating habits. This website is great for people looking to shred a few extra pounds or for people like me who are trying to maintain their weight.

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