Rebuild the Internet

For my Rebuild the Internet project, I chose to create a representation of how the internet is our second brain. The Internet has so many features that we can use anytime to create anything we want and also grab as much information from as we want, like our minds. The internet is as creative, imaginative, and full of information as our minds are.

The bubble above the computer that the individual is using represents some of the most used applications of the internet that aren’t physical things that we can touch or feel, but they make huge impacts in our lives every day. The mail people use to receive on paper is now mostly sent through email. We rely on digital calendars to let us know what day it is. We now shop online instead of making a trip to our local markets. Money is now stored on the internet as a number in online databases. We use google to search for information on any topic we want instead of libraries. We have GPS, or Global Positioning System, to guide us to any location we want instead of physical maps.

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