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Do You Read Terms Of Service Contracts? Not Many Do, Research Shows : NPR

Terms of Service, or TOS for short, is something that is viewed by many as a long and boring piece of document made by service providers. I for one can only think of one time in my entire life where I actually made an effort to read the TOS for one of the new products I purchased. My thought process when it came to reading a company’s TOS has always been that I only use products from companies and manufacturers that I know and trust, so I never feel fearful or concerned about not reading their Terms of Service. Also, the time I spend reading the Terms of Service can be spent on something more important to me.

Jonathan Obar, a professor of Communication and Media Studies at York University, discussed how it would take 40 minutes every day to read all of the Terms of Service policies for all the products and services we use. The average daily time spent reading by individuals in the U.S. is half of that amount, which is 20 minutes. It’s hard enough to get people to spend more than 30 minutes reading a document in general, but with something as tedious and monotonous as a Terms of Service document, I find it near impossible.

There have been many instances over the past few years where someone prominent in the space of TikTok would get banned for a post they made and would create a video ranting about how they felt they did nothing wrong and would blame and bash TikTok. This happened much more frequently the past year with the two most notable events being the Coronavirus pandemic and the 2020 presidential election. There have been numerous news articles about people being banned for spreading misinformation on vaccines, the election results, and the pandemic as a whole. After spending time skimming through TikTok’s TOS, and especially their community guidelines, it is clear that TikTok is very committed to removing and banning individuals spreading misinformation with the company having an entire section dedicated to this topic in their document.

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