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What is the Internet?

The Internet is a massive network that connects digital devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets from all over the world. It is seen by many as an incredible piece of technology that can contribute positively to our society and help us become more intelligent. With others, it is seen as the complete opposite. Some consider the internet as something that is “destroying our brains”.

In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, Nicholas Carr talks about how the internet has made changes to our mental habits. Many people have developed a habit of skimming through text in online resources to grab information instead of reading through the text fully. We’ve also relied on retrieving much of our information from the internet, rather than exercising our memories, which has made us more forgetful.

My take

I personally see the internet as an overall positive invention. Think for a second about the amount of money that has been raised and sent through the internet to charities, struggling countries, people in need, etc. Think of websites like, which would have never been possible had it not been for the presence of the internet.

The internet is a reflection of our world that uses it, that’s why you will find good and bad features to it, just like our world in real life.

The one thing that does make me worried about the internet is its correlation with the rise in mental illness in our society. I think the internet has created a culture of introversion and isolation, which is known to be damaging to our mental state in the long run. The internet has also facilitated the creation of social media, where people can be scrutinized, judged, criticized, and berated every second of every day of the year. Bullying in schools used to only be a problem when kids were physically present in the schools. Now it is a problem all day for these kids with cyberbullying on people’s social medias existing.

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