The Web 20 Years Ago

“Small Pieces Loosely Joined”

The first three chapters of the reading go into detail about what the internet was like for many people in its initial stages and how in many ways it relates to the space we have in real life. The author did a great job of explaining how the web has changed our experiences as human beings and how we perceive and relate to reality. He explained how we can use the web for good if we want to make positive contributions or we can use it for malice reasons if we intend to do so.

Digital Artifact

The artifact I chose is the Wii, which is a video game console created and released by Nintendo in late 2006. This console revolutionized gaming with its packaged games Wii Sports and Wii Fitness. It was the first time that someone could get decent exercise at home while playing a video game. The console also broke grounds in terms of the age group that consumed this product. I remember a great majority of my friends’ parents at this time had and played Wii sports with them as a way to relate, spend quality time, and get a simple workout in together.

This artifact relates to the reading because the Wii brought millions of people into this virtual space and allowed us to interact and play with each other, like in real life.

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