Phone Conversation With Myself?

Five stars of additional design work

Have A Phone Conversation With Yourself (5 Stars):

Phones give us the ability to converse with anyone we want to, no matter where they are. For this assignment, I was required to record audio of myself holding down both sides of a conversation. I used a voice pitcher to make it sound like two different people are talking to each other.

You can find the audio clip down below or click here to be redirected to my SoundCloud.

The Process

I am not going to lie, this assignment, along with others, drained me. It took lots of dedicated and precise work to make it sound somewhat believable. I used Audacity to create the entire audio clip of me having the conversation with myself.

  1. I started by writing a script of what I was going to say in the audio piece. This didn’t take too long since I have a lot of knowledge of what gets said during most phone conversations. I wrote the script in Microsoft Word to speed up the editing and revision process.
  2. After completing the script, I opened up audacity and started to record my conversation. This did take a few retries because I kept messing up.
  3. Then, after completing the audio piece, I started editing the “second person’s” audio. I did this by using the “change pitch” feature in the effects tab on the top menu for audacity. I changed the pitch from F to D#/Eb. The percent change was the most important tool because that decides how much you want to change the pitch. I chose to go with -11 percent because it made my voice deeper, but not too deep to be unbelievable.
  4. After changing the “second person” audio bit, I went on to listen back to the entire audio clip and check for any mistakes. After seeing that the audio piece sounded nice and clear, I exported the audio file to an MP3 file on to my computer. Finally, I uploaded it to my SoundCloud.