The Untold Possibility

Audio Reflection

It’s incredible to think about the high possibility of a space mission failing terribly. What if Neil Armstrong didn’t take a giant leap but took a giant death? The audio piece Moon Graffiti, scene by scene, portrays what would have happened if Apollo 11 crashed instead of landing nice and easily on the moon.

The voice performers did a great job of creating a sense of imagery while explaining the story. The sounds in the story creates a sense of oblivion. You can hear how empty space sounds when Neil and Buzz (Matt Evans and Ed Herbstman) talk to each other. The overlapping scary music in the background makes the situation seem more intense and freighting. While hearing the audio, I pictured myself in space seeing nothing but darkness and craters on the moon around me. This helped give me a better sense of what they are going through at each particular moment. A great audio technique that was used by the editors in this audio piece came from the communication between Neil and Buzz. The fizzy and white-noise sounds, that is similar to the sound coming from a radio channel, created a sense of distance. It sounded like Neil and Buzz were a mile away from each other. Overall, many audio techniques were used from the performers and editors. Whether it was from the horror music overlapping the sounds from performers, the heavy breathing making the audio frequencies variate a lot, or from the sound coming from their communication devices. This piece used many different audio techniques to make the situation seem as believable as possible.