Every Horror Movie Ever

Sound Effects Story

Horror movies. We’ve all seen them whether we wanted to or because or friends forced us. The exhilarating and anxious feeling you get in the build up to a scary moment in the movie is incomparable to another other feeling.

For this assignment, my job was to create a story using nothing but sound effects. I used a mix of five different sound effects to create an intense and haunted setting. From the Michael Myers theme to the creepy little girl, this piece is definitely one to get you antsy.

The Process

This assignment was one of the hardest assignments, but most fun, for me to complete. Having to regain my knowledge of audacity was a bit of a process, but I did enjoy it. Before I even started, I researched a ton of the different tools I know I am going to need to create the audio piece.

  1. The first step I took to create my audio piece was to decide on a theme. I decided to go with a horror movie theme because I recently saw a trailer for the new Michael Myers movie coming soon. I also knew that the Michael Myers theme music is very frightening and a great theme to add to any scary piece.
  2. The second step I took was to start converting the YouTube audio clips into MP3 files using ytmp3. I decided to go with five different audio clips, each scary in their own way. The first audio piece I chose was the Michael Myers theme music to be the background music to the other sounds. The second audio piece was of a person breathing scarily and heavily, as someone would in a scary movie. The third audio piece I chose was of a creepy little girl talking about scary things. The fourth audio clip I chose was of scary sounds coming from a haunted forest. Lastly, I chose to go with creepy swamp sounds with crickets and other scary animal sounds.
  3. Next, I opened up Audacity and got to work. I started the process by importing the MP3 files into audacity. Once I imported them, I decided to crop the audio to around one minute and fifteen seconds because I wanted it to be relatively short. Next, I used the time shift tool to move the audio clips to there destined location. I put the Michael Myers theme, heavy breathing, forest sounds, and swamp sounds in the beginning to play simultaneously. The creepy girl sound bit comes in around the twenty two second mark, where all five clips run simultaneously.
  4. After completing the audio piece, I exported the audio as an MP3 file onto my computer. This step was definitely the easiest since I precisely remember doing this multiple times in high school. Below you will find an image of how the audio pieces look in audacity.