My Love For Videogames Knows No Boundaries

What do you love? (2 Stars)

Love is a strong word. When you use it, you are implying that you have an intense and deep feeling of affection towards something. My feelings for playing video games is that way. As a kid, I would play for hours upon hours of my favorite video games everyday. It got to the point where I was a bit addicted and I didn’t even notice it. For this assignment, my job was to compile clips of something I love, which is video games. Below is my compilation video of my favorite clips on YouTube from my favorite game ever, Grand Theft Auto V. (The name of the people who each clip belongs to appears on the top left corner)

GTA V is among the most detail oriented games ever created. The incredible attention to small details the developers put is unimaginable. It truly is one of the greatest games ever created, and has had me glued to it for years now.

The Process

The process for creating the video started the same as the other video assignments. I started off the process by creating a new project in clipchamp. Clipchamp is an online video editing program that allows someone to professionally edit videos for free.

  1. The first step I took after creating the project was to upload the different clips I wanted to mash together onto clipchamp.
  2. Second, I uploaded background audio I found on YouTube to play for most of the intense moments in the video. I then used the splitting tool to capture the footage I wanted and get rid of the excess footage that I didn’t want.
  3. Lastly, I exported my project as an MP4 file on to my computer.

Some Video Game Highlights

Videogame Highlights (3 Stars)

Going back and looking at some of the better moments in your gaming experience gives you a chance to revisit some pretty sick moments that you may have forgotten about. Most of the time when we game, we don’t have an incentive to record our gameplay, but for me, doing so gives me a chance to catch a rare or epic moment. For this video assignment, I complied the best moments in my gaming experience for the first person shooter Phantom Forces.

The Process:

Creating my gaming highlights was very similar to the process of creating my videogame lowlights. I used clipchamp to create and edit my video entirely. The video editing took around an hour to complete, whereas the audio editing took only fifteen minutes.

  1. I started off by opening a new project in clipchamp and setting the preferred video length to three minutes. Setting the preferred length gives you a benchmark to follow.
  2. Second, I uploaded the gameplay videos I had stored in my videos file into my project. After that, I uploaded the background music from YouTube.
  3. Third, I used the split tool to capture the footage of my highlights into a small clip and remove the footage I don’t want.
  4. Lastly, I exported the file as an MP4 file onto my computer in the videos folder.

Shortest Video Ever…

5 Second Film (4 Stars)

Back when the 6-second video sharing app Vine was around, people would find interesting ways of shrinking content to fit into a very short video. My job for this assignment was to make a 5-second video that includes a gag, bit, or joke. I decided to fit this assignment with my question of the week response from last week, which was to change a nursery rhyme. I went with the “I’m a little teapot” nursery rhyme and I turned the innocent teapot into a dark and mean teapot.

The Process:

In order to create the video, I used the clipchamp video editor. Since the video has to be 5 seconds, I knew I could only include two photos and two audio clips. I decided to show the transition from the original little teapot to the new, meaner teapot for my story.

  1. I started off by finding all the images and audio I wanted to include in the short clip. I first downloaded the little teapot image and his alter ego, the mean teapot. I then went on to upload the images onto clipchamp and shortened the video to five seconds.
  2. Second, I found two pieces of audio that would represent the sounds of each of the images. The first audio piece was from the original little teapot theme song on YouTube. The second audio piece I found was a ‘grr’ sound, also from YouTube, that best defines the sound of the second image.
  3. Third, I uploaded the images and audio pieces onto my project for clipchamp.
  4. Fourth, I went on to use the split tool to take the audio I don’t want in my video and delete it. I did this by clicking at a point on the video layout of where I want to split it, and then clicking the scissor icon.
  5. Finally, I exported the project as an MP4 file on to my computer.

Low Points In Gaming

Gaming Lowlights (3 Stars)

We all have moments in games when nothing seems to be going right and we can’t seem to figure anything out. When I play video games, there are multiple instances when I just want to lose my mind. Instead of trying to forget about those moments and move on, I decided to put it together for my three star video game low-lights assignment, so we can feel my pain together.

As you can see in this video, I am playing a first-person shooter game called Phantom Forces on Roblox. It is a game that requires awareness and accurate aim to succeed. When it comes to my skills in this game, I would say that I am an experienced player. However, as you can see in this low-light clip, I do have moments when I feel like an amateur.

The Process:

In order to create my video, I used the Xbox Game DVR on Windows, which records your entire screen of gameplay. To start the process you have to press the windows key then the ‘g’ key simultaneously. It will then ask if it is for a game, which is when you would click yes. To start recording, you have to press the windows key then alt key then the ‘r’ key, also simultaneously. Repeat the same command to stop recording.

    1. The first step I took to make my lowlight video was to create a new project in clipchamp. Once I created the project, I uploaded the recorded gameplay I had in my videos folder on my computer. Since I had around ten minutes of gameplay, I wanted to make the video around two minutes.
    2. Second, I used the split tool, which is the scissor icon located on the middle left of the screen. I cut out all the parts of the video that were not the parts when I was dying.
    3. Third, I added sound from YouTube to play in the background. I chose to go with audio of something funny and something that goes well with fail compilations.
    4. Lastly, I exported the video as an MP4 file on to my computer. Even though clipchamp is a free video editing program, it fortunately doesn’t have a watermark.