Some Video Game Highlights

Videogame Highlights (3 Stars)

Going back and looking at some of the better moments in your gaming experience gives you a chance to revisit some pretty sick moments that you may have forgotten about. Most of the time when we game, we don’t have an incentive to record our gameplay, but for me, doing so gives me a chance to catch a rare or epic moment. For this video assignment, I complied the best moments in my gaming experience for the first person shooter Phantom Forces.

The Process:

Creating my gaming highlights was very similar to the process of creating my videogame lowlights. I used clipchamp to create and edit my video entirely. The video editing took around an hour to complete, whereas the audio editing took only fifteen minutes.

  1. I started off by opening a new project in clipchamp and setting the preferred video length to three minutes. Setting the preferred length gives you a benchmark to follow.
  2. Second, I uploaded the gameplay videos I had stored in my videos file into my project. After that, I uploaded the background music from YouTube.
  3. Third, I used the split tool to capture the footage of my highlights into a small clip and remove the footage I don’t want.
  4. Lastly, I exported the file as an MP4 file onto my computer in the videos folder.