Low Points In Gaming

Gaming Lowlights (3 Stars)

We all have moments in games when nothing seems to be going right and we can’t seem to figure anything out. When I play video games, there are multiple instances when I just want to lose my mind. Instead of trying to forget about those moments and move on, I decided to put it together for my three star video game low-lights assignment, so we can feel my pain together.

As you can see in this video, I am playing a first-person shooter game called Phantom Forces on Roblox. It is a game that requires awareness and accurate aim to succeed. When it comes to my skills in this game, I would say that I am an experienced player. However, as you can see in this low-light clip, I do have moments when I feel like an amateur.

The Process:

In order to create my video, I used the Xbox Game DVR on Windows, which records your entire screen of gameplay. To start the process you have to press the windows key then the ‘g’ key simultaneously. It will then ask if it is for a game, which is when you would click yes. To start recording, you have to press the windows key then alt key then the ‘r’ key, also simultaneously. Repeat the same command to stop recording.

    1. The first step I took to make my lowlight video was to create a new project in clipchamp. Once I created the project, I uploaded the recorded gameplay I had in my videos folder on my computer. Since I had around ten minutes of gameplay, I wanted to make the video around two minutes.
    2. Second, I used the split tool, which is the scissor icon located on the middle left of the screen. I cut out all the parts of the video that were not the parts when I was dying.
    3. Third, I added sound from YouTube to play in the background. I chose to go with audio of something funny and something that goes well with fail compilations.
    4. Lastly, I exported the video as an MP4 file on to my computer. Even though clipchamp is a free video editing program, it fortunately doesn’t have a watermark.