Shortest Video Ever…

5 Second Film (4 Stars)

Back when the 6-second video sharing app Vine was around, people would find interesting ways of shrinking content to fit into a very short video. My job for this assignment was to make a 5-second video that includes a gag, bit, or joke. I decided to fit this assignment with my question of the week response from last week, which was to change a nursery rhyme. I went with the “I’m a little teapot” nursery rhyme and I turned the innocent teapot into a dark and mean teapot.

The Process:

In order to create the video, I used the clipchamp video editor. Since the video has to be 5 seconds, I knew I could only include two photos and two audio clips. I decided to show the transition from the original little teapot to the new, meaner teapot for my story.

  1. I started off by finding all the images and audio I wanted to include in the short clip. I first downloaded the little teapot image and his alter ego, the mean teapot. I then went on to upload the images onto clipchamp and shortened the video to five seconds.
  2. Second, I found two pieces of audio that would represent the sounds of each of the images. The first audio piece was from the original little teapot theme song on YouTube. The second audio piece I found was a ‘grr’ sound, also from YouTube, that best defines the sound of the second image.
  3. Third, I uploaded the images and audio pieces onto my project for clipchamp.
  4. Fourth, I went on to use the split tool to take the audio I don’t want in my video and delete it. I did this by clicking at a point on the video layout of where I want to split it, and then clicking the scissor icon.
  5. Finally, I exported the project as an MP4 file on to my computer.