12 Stars In 12 Hours

Week 4

This week of assignments was a lot different than previous weeks. Getting the hang of creating and editing videos was a bit of a struggle for me, but I managed to get it done. As with my journey with learning audio creation, it took some dedicated time to learn the ins and outs of video creating and editing.

This week started different because we didn’t have to complete the daily creates that we normally complete. This gave me more time to focus on my other assignments, which were the 12 stars of video assignment from the assignment bank. The four video assignments I chose to complete were the video game lowlights, video game highlights, 5 second film, and what do you love assignment. The assignments each took about an hour or two to complete, which is much less than what I expected.

Gaming Lowlights (3 Stars)

Gaming is similar to life based on the fact that there are good and bad moments. Those bad moments cause anger, sadness and make you want to give up. Most people try to forget about those moments, but for this assignment, I had to revisit those terrible times. My job for this assignment was to create the opposite of a highlight reel, which is a lowlight reel. You can find the full video and process of creation on my blog post by clicking here.


Gaming Highlights (3 Stars)

Like sports, gaming has its awesome moments that you can watch over and over again. People usually put these moments into something known as a ‘highlight reel’, which is a collection of the best moments in a game. This assignment required me to find the best clips of my gameplay and combine them into a highlight reel. The full post can be found by clicking here.

5 Second Film (4 Stars)

Creating very short videos requires extreme attention to detail and precise editing to fit everything into the time stamp. For this assignment, I had to create a five second video that includes at least one joke or gag. I created the video solely on my response for the last question of the week, which was to change a nursery rhyme. You can find the full post by clicking here.

What do you love? (2 Stars)

Having something you feel passionate about is a great feeling. One of the biggest passions I have in all of my life is video gaming. The chance to escape reality and enter a realm with no rules and no responsibilities, there is nothing like it. I have picked up on many different video games over my lifetime, but I would have to say without a shadow of a doubt that Grand Theft Auto V has been my favorite game ever. I talk more about this in my full blog post, which can be found by clicking here.

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