A Long and Creative Journey

Week 5 Final

It’s hard to think that this will be my last blog post in this course. I’ve spent countless hours each week, for the past month, trying to perfect the quality of my content. I can say that I am more confident now in my creative abilities than I have ever been in my entire life. I have learned many skills in this class that I will use for the rest of my life, which I can’t say is true for some of my other classes. This course has indirectly taught me how to find my inner creator.

This final project was a grind to complete, like many other assignments. My final story was on my journey to space and the moon, going through very mysterious and surprisingly scary events. Each media piece, which you find more about below, has its own short story that corresponds with the overall big picture of the story of my time in space.

Daily Creates

The world has millions of fascinating features to it. In this generation of new technology and devices, people tend to forget about those features. Going outside and exploring nature can do so many positive things to your mind and your body. For my first daily create assignment, my job was to share a photo of a sunset so we can all take a moment to appreciate nature.

For my second daily create, I chose to do the perfect ending create. I was required to write the perfect ending, along with a fitting photo. I went with a couple watching a sunset after a long and hard day at work. There’s nothing more stress relieving than spending some alone time with someone you love.

For my last daily create, I chose to complete the “There’s a Gap” create. For this assignment, I was required to find a gap anywhere and post it. This was by far the simplest daily create I’ve done this semester. The full blog post, with all three daily creates, can be found by clicking here.

Written Story (Embeds all media)

For my final project, I chose to talk about the story of my exciting journey to the moon. I went through many amazing and terrifying experiences while on the trip. I found out pretty soon that outer space isn’t as empty as we think it is. In my story I describe the different activities I did and how I did them. You can find the full story with all the other media linked in it by clicking here.


There is not many better places to take photos than in outer space. The amount of beautiful lights coming from stars and darkness from afar creates an amazing setting. On my trip, I was able to capture some pretty awesome photos, as well as an amazing selfie. I am taking the selfie craze to new heights, literally. You can find my photo and its description by clicking here.


There are many unique planets and stars that each have certain shapes and sizes. This is the reason I believe space holds lots of great motivation for designers. Having lots of free time on my hand on board the spaceship, I decided to create a design based on the Earth from a view in outer space. You can find the design with its description by clicking here.


Scientists still haven’t found any proof of extraterrestrial life in outer space, but I think I did. While walking on the moon with my crew I started hearing these scary and alien-like sounds. When I got back to the spaceship, I came to find out that my spacesuit was recording the audio the entire time. The audio and its description can be found by clicking here.


Videos in space can capture many different jarring elements, except sound. Sound can’t travel in space, but light can. I was able to capture some great videos of my experience taking a space walk. Looking down and seeing nothing but darkness can frighten some people, but I enjoy the thrill. You can find the full video by clicking here.

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