Being Creative Is Being Free

Daily Create #1: Identify a Brand’s Font and Create a Fake Ad

To think that you can find out the font of any advertisement seems unbelievable. That is exactly what the website Font Squirrel can accomplish for you. This first daily create consisted of creating a fake ad using a photo editor, in which I used Photoshop, to replace the actual text of the ad with some text of your own. I chose to do my ad from one of the most infamous restaurants in all of the world, McDonald’s. We all know the controversy that surrounds the legitimacy of their “fresh food”. I decided to poke some fun at the restaurant by creating a fake ad that says “I promise we are healthy”. No matter how many times McDonald’s tries to prove the quality of their food, people will continue to question it.

Daily Create #2: You’re Hired! (Write a Slogan)

Creating a catchy, well-thought slogan requires a lot of deep thinking. For this daily create, the task was to come up with a catchy advertising slogan. In the process of coming up with my slogan, I thought of what it really means to be creative, and that is to be free. Think about it, when you are told to be creative, you go into a world of your own where you think of the most unique and interesting material. That is the motivation behind my slogan, Become Free, Become Creative.

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