Colorful Pies and Trees

Daily Create #1: Create an artistic graph chart

Ramadan is a month for all Muslims around the world to fast from sunrise to sunset. During this time that we’re not allowed to eat or drink anything, people usually either work or sleep. For this daily create, my job was to create a graph chart, which I was able to do using this website. I decided to go with a pie graph to show what my schedule in Ramadan consists of, which is mostly work and sleep. I’m not able to exercise as much during Ramadan because of my restriction from food and water during my normal workout time.

Daily Create #2: Find a tree and tell us about it

Many people speculate whether or not trees are alive. One thing we can prove about trees is that they change colors like many of us do in an emotional way. For this daily create, I was required to take a photo of any tree outside, and was also given an extra option to describe the tree. When the end of fall and winter comes along, all the leaves on trees start falling and becoming dark and lifeless. This is an accurate representation of people’s mood shifts because of the cold weather and the mostly dark days. When spring and summer come around, the trees start to regain their colorful leaves and start to become alive again. This represents our content mood because of the nice weather.

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