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Week 2 End of Week

This week got much better and smoother as time went on. If you don’t remember, my website was down on the first day of this week. Besides the fact that my website works perfectly now, I happened to really enjoy the assignments this week. I started the week going through and reading the assignments and I noticed that there are more design assignments this time around. This was a kid in a candy store feeling for me because I knew there would be several different creative and unique designs I can create.

Later, I started working on my assignments on the checklist. I started this week, as I start every other week, doing the daily creates. The daily creates I chose seemed interesting and were a lot of fun in the process of creating. After completing the daily creates, I went on to finish the alternative book cover assignment from the assignment bank. I’ve always wanted to write my own book, but designing the cover, in my opinion, seems just as great. I then went on to complete the alternative history assignment, which was somewhat similar to the book cover assignment.

After finishing up that assignment, I went on to complete the last design assignment, which was the choose your own design assignment. Lastly, I went on to comment and critique on three different individual’s blog posts. Seeing all the wonderful and original blog posts gave me an even stronger motivation to be creative.

Daily Creates

This week’s daily creates took a bit longer than last week’s because of the amount of editing that I needed to do. The first daily create I completed was the identify a brand’s font and create a fake ad create. This assignment took some time to complete because I was using Photoshop, which I haven’t used in a while. After regaining my knowledge of how to perform certain tasks, I started editing the text on the photo. I tried to make the ad look as legit as possible, while still being fake. Click here to view the full post.

The second daily create consisted of creating a catchy advertising slogan for the Alchemy Lab. Creating a catchy slogan requires simplicity, which I believe mine has. You’re slogan needs to be able to roll off of someone’s tongue and make them remember it. Again, you can find the full blog post by clicking here.

Alternative Book Cover

Creating a good quality book cover requires organization, tone that matches the story, and attractiveness. For this assignment, our job was to create a book cover on the alternative history we chose for the question of the week. My question of the week was, “What if there were no such thing as smartphones?”

My book cover portrays the many actions that we do with our smartphones. In my full blog post, I go into greater detail about the process of creating my book cover and back side.

Alternative History

For this assignment, we had to create a new image that puts a historic figure in a different place if history was changed. Following my question of the week topic, I chose to create an image that changes one of the most historic events in smartphone history. We all remember January 9, 2007, when Steve Jobs stood up on stage to unveil the first ever iPhone. Imagine if it wasn’t the iPhone that he was presenting, but his newest book. How different would life be today for all of us? I go into more detail about this in my blog post.

Choose Your Own Design

This assignment required at least four stars of design assignments from the assignment bank. The first design assignment I chose was the create a charity ad task. Donating to a charity is something that we should all do because it can help them fund their missions. Whether it’s a charity for cancer research or feeding the poor, donating can help someone out. I designed an ad for a charity that I’m quite fond of and believe in their initiative. You can find the image of my charity ad in my full blog post.

The second design assignment I chose to do was the generate cool letters task. I used the cool letters website to create a design of my name in a really unique and stylish way. Below is an example of the cool design that I was able to create.


Being able to read blog posts from other students was a lot of fun. It gave me a better understanding of the incredible creativity people have. I chose to comment on three posts that I found the most interesting. In my latest blog post, I talk about the three blogs that I commented on and give screenshots of the comments.

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