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Selfies in outer space (Photography)

Bringing a camera with me to space was the best idea ever. The photos I was able to capture on my trip were absolutely incredible. Taking photos of the sun rising, stars twinkling, and the earth rotating gave me a new outlook on life. When I was stuck on earth, I never took the time to realize what is going on in outer space and the amount of beautiful things that go on out there. Getting a chance to see it first hand was breathtaking.

Throughout my trip I was taking many photos of different objects when all of a sudden one day I had the inclination to take a selfie on my space walk. There’s not that many photos that can beat one of you taking a picture of yourself with the entire world in the background.

The Process:

To edit my photo, I used the befunky photo editor. This website is a great free alternative to adobe Photoshop, and also includes many of the same incredible features that Photoshop has.

  1. The first step I took was to find the right image to edit. I chose to go with an astronaut taking a selfie because it best represents my perspective in my story, which is “I’m bored and I’m looking for something fun to do in space”.
  2. The second step I took to edit my photo was to change the lighting. The original photo was a bit dim, which created a dark mood. I decided to up the lighting to 100%.
  3. The third step I took was to turn the smoothing on the photo down to 0%. The reason I did this was to make the photo a bit more clearer.
  4. Lastly, I increased the saturation for the photo to add more vibrancy. This brought out many stronger colors from the lights on Earth, as well as from the astronaut’s space suit.

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