Deleting Digital Disaster

Alternative Book Cover

Imagine a world today without any smartphones. I know, you can’t. These rectangular devices that seem so helpful and harmless are actually one of the most dangerous devices of our generation.

For this assignment, I created a book cover that displays an assortment of photos of people appearing to be attached to their phones. This image that would look incredibly strange to people only a couple decades ago is the new norm. The dangers that come with smartphone addiction become oblivious to the victims, and that is what makes the habit tough to break.

Back of the Book

Smartphones are destroying our lives one minute at a time without us even noticing it. The actions of texting, calling, searching, and playing on your phone is something that everyone does nowadays. These actions can have severe consequences when engaging in them for a prolonged period of time. Smartphone addiction can develop very early in someone’s life and lead to some dangerous consequences. The norm of staring at your phone while walking to somewhere, using your phone around people instead of talking to them, and using your phone while you are driving are all harmful and treacherous actions that are damaging our social, mental, and even physical well-being. What if smartphones were never created? What if apple was only a fruit that we ate and not a multi-billion dollar technology company? How much better would my life be? How much better would your life be? These are all questions that are unfathomable for generations to come because of the on going creation of new smartphones and technologies.

Process of Creation

Creating this book cover didn’t take me too long because I am experienced when it comes to creating posters and covers. I started off by looking for photos of people on their phone. I wanted to have a couple photos, each portraying different problems with smartphone addiction. I chose to include four photos in my cover, each taking around a fourth of the cover. I used the canva book cover creator to create my cover.


The first photo I found is portraying the attachment part of smartphone addiction. This man appears to be talking on his phone and viewing something on his tablet, instead of looking at his surroundings. When people go outside, they should be experiencing life, rather than being drawn to their devices.







The second photo I found was a line of people distracted by their phone and about to cross the street. This action is especially dangerous because when you’re not looking up and paying attention to your surroundings, something really tragic can happen. Someone can get hit by a car, walk into something, trip on something and fall, etc.







The third photo I found is a group of kids using their phones instead of socializing with each other. When someone is attached to their phone, they don’t notice other people around them and engage in conversations because they are so drawn to their phone. The earlier the addiction to smartphones starts, the worse it becomes as time goes on.







The last image I found is of a woman using her phone while she is driving. This action is among the most dangerous actions when it comes to phone use. Instead of paying attention to the road, the woman has all her attention drawn to her phone. This action can lead to getting into a car crash or running over someone.








For the title, I chose something that would resonate with a lot of people who have had someone lose their life because of a smartphone. Whether that would be from texting and driving, crossing a street and looking at their phone and not the incoming traffic, etc. The font I chose is creepster because that gives the eerie and frighting vibe that best fits the title.







Lastly, I chose to add two lines bordering the top and bottom of the title to give it a more presenting look. The light and dark colors from all the elements bring life to the cover.

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