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This assignment was a real joy for me because I was able to explore some amazing blogs by some amazing people. Each individual’s blog that I observed had its own unique elements. It was fun looking at what I could’ve done different that they did or what I feel I did better on than them.

The blogs I chose to comment on all had great details and creative ideas. The first blog I chose to comment on was Kimberly Sak’s blog post on the choose your own design assignment from the assignment bank. Kimberly chose to create a superhero, which was a four and a half star assignment, and talked about the details of how she created the superhero and the powers that the superhero possesses. You can find my comment on her blog post here or view the screenshot below.

The second blog I chose to comment on was John Flood’s blog post on the alternative history assignment. John chose to write about what would happen if the Bolshevik revolution failed. He created an image of the Imperial Russian flag flying over the Kremlin instead of the Russian Federation Flag. His full blog post is found here and my comment can be found down below.

The final blog I chose to comment on was Karina Schumm’s blog post. Karina chose to create a book cover on her question of the week, which was “What would the world be like if the British never colonizes the Americas, India, or Australia?” My comment on her post is found below.

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