Heck Of A Long Week

Week 3 Final

What a week this has been. I probably spent more time working on the assignments for this week than the last two weeks combined. It’s fair to say that I am absolutely drained from the edits and revisions I had to make on all three of my audio clips. With that being said, I can say that the outcome of the audio clips were absolutely worth it.

This week started with me completing two daily creates, which didn’t take much time at all. After completing them, I went on to start the alternative history assignment. This assignment took an extended amount of time to complete because of my amateur knowledge of the world of audio creation. Although it took a lot of time, the outcome made it seem worth while. After completing the alternate history assignment, I went on to complete an assignment that was somewhat similar to it. Creating a short story with only sounds seemed like it wouldn’t take too long to complete, but boy was I wrong. Having to convert and edit five audio clips from YouTube was a process of its own.

Furthermore, after finishing up that assignment, I jumped into the last audio assignment of the week. Since this assignment gave us the luxury of choosing any additional five stars from the assignment bank, I decided to go with one five star assignment. I now understand why that assignment was five stars. I didn’t realize that having a conversation with myself can be so difficult. You’ll find out later about the assignment’s demanding process. Lastly, commenting on three different student’s blogs was a nice ending to a long week. I was able to hear different and unique audio clips, as well as view some pretty neat domains. Nonetheless, I can definitely say that I learned more about audio creating and editing in this week than in all of my life.

Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates carried the same theme as every other one, be creative. The first daily create I did was the write your name in other characters create. Our job was to use the Tifinagh characters that correspond with each letter of our name, to write our name. This Wikipedia page has each Latin letter that matches with its corresponding Tifinagh character.

The second daily create required us to share what we would like to teach the world to do. Coming off a week where our main job was to be creative, I knew one of the greatest things you can teach someone is to be creative. Teaching someone creativity is one of the easiest and best things. The ability to let your mind wander and enter a world where it is just you and your wild thoughts. You can find the full detailed daily create blog post by clicking here.

Alternative History

This assignment required us to narrate a short story of our alternative history choice from the previous week. In my short story, I talked about the different problems with smartphones, such as their addictions and the serious consequences that follow. I created this assignment using Audacity to record the audio and YouTube to get the background sounds. You can find the full story and process by clicking here.

Sound Effect Story

Scary stories are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Hearing them gets the adrenaline in your body rushing rapidly and the flight or fight response kicking in. The feeling sure is one of a kind and that is why people love hearing, as well as seeing, scary stories. My job for this assignment was to create a story using just sound effects I find from the internet. I used five different scary sounds throughout my audio clip to create an intense and frightening scene. You can find the full short story and the process of completion by clicking here.

Five Stars of Additional Design Work

The last audio assignment for this week was to choose an additional five stars assignment. I decided to go with the have a phone conversation with yourself five star design assignment. This assignment seemed the silliest to do out of any assignment I’ve done so far. It felt very strange and unusual having a conversation with myself. I can only imagine what my family would think if they heard me having the conversation with myself. As silly as this assignment seemed, it was also the most time consuming. I spent a good hour just trying to write the script and record myself talking. The editing and revisions took a good chunk of time as well. The full blog post, where the audio clip and the process to completing the audio clip are, can be found by clicking here.

Comment and Participate

I very much enjoyed viewing and commenting on different student’s audio blog posts. I was able to find and obtain different methods and techniques different people used to complete their audio assignments. Some students used the freesound website, while I used YouTube to extract all of the audio I was going to use for my audio clips. The full blog post with screenshots of the comments can be found by clicking here.

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