iPhone? What is that?

Question of the Week: If you could change one thing in our history what would it be?

Smartphones are one of the most known and used devices all around the world. Over 2 billion people in the world are owners and regular users of smartphones! These devices that were just plain old phones and were unbelievably expensive a couple decades ago are now cheaper than ever. These devices that once only had the feature of calling someone now have the ability to look up anything you want within a couple seconds. There is no doubt that smartphones have incredibly amazing and useful features, but do the negatives outweigh the positives of the device? The ability to have anything you want with a touch of a finger is something that is irresistible to people. This is where the smartphone addiction comes in.

If you go outside today, what are the chances of you seeing someone using their smartphones? Almost guaranteed in our society now, which is not a good trend. If I had the chance to remove any one thing, I would remove smartphones. Smartphones are causing people to lack in social interactions, happiness, and tolerance. It is slowly destroying people’s lives, marriages, relationships, happiness, etc. The constant urge to use your phone and the amount of time people spend on their smartphones is a real sickness. The amount of driving fatalities that have happened because of a driver texting, calling, or checking their phone is unfathomable. You would think that people would be completely opposed to using their phone will driving after seeing the damage it has done to thousands of lives. Unfortunately, people still tend to use their phones while driving, which is incredibly dangerous.


Additionally, if there were no smartphones, millions of people who suffer from the addiction would have a better life. More people would interact with each other, instead of staring at their smartphones. There would be thousands of less deaths due to phone use while driving and thousands of less sad families mourning the loss of someone who died from the incident. Overall, I believe the amount of cons that come from smartphones absolutely outweigh the pros.

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