Learning the Ways to Successful Cinematography

Week 4 Midweek Reflection

This week started the same as last week because my skills with video creating is just as incompetent as my skills with audio creating. However, I can say that my skills last week in audio creation increased dramatically, and I’m hoping the same will happen with my skills in video creating this week.

After reading and better understanding the assignments I have for this week, I began to work on them. I started by doing two daily creates, which took barely any time at all to complete. After completing the daily creates, I started to work on my reflections. The first reflection I had to complete was on Roger Ebert’s article on how to read a movie. This reflection wasn’t too difficult to do since I enjoyed reading Roger’s article and I picked up a lot of ideas from it. After completing the article reflection, I started the four video reflection. This also didn’t take too long considering the fact that the videos were relatively short and interesting. Lastly, I answered the question of the week, which was fairly unique.

Daily Create

This week’s daily creates each had a life of their own. Trying to find which ones to complete was tough to do since there were at least four creates I wanted to do. I ended up settling for the describe a tree and the artistic graph chart creates. I first completed the create an artistic graph chart daily create. While thinking about what I would want to create the graph chart on, I realized what I’ve been doing for the past four weeks, fasting. Ramadan completely changes my daily schedule every year, for better or for worse. My time spent sleeping skyrockets because of the decrease of energy in my body.

After completing that daily create, I went on to finish the take a photo of a tree and describe it daily create. This assignment was quite simple because I literally took five seconds to take the photo of the tree right outside of my house. I then went on to describe the tree on my tweet metaphorically. You can find the full blog post by clicking here.

Roger Ebert’s Short Piece Reflection

Reading Roger Ebert’s article on reading a movie helped expand my knowledge of the different ideas that come with film making. He talked a lot about how positioning can draw different moods and how different images capture different emotions. I go into more detail on my full blog, which can be found by clicking here.

Four Video Reflection

All movies use certain film techniques and methods to help capture different images and emotions. My job for this assignment was to choose four out of the eight short clips provided that display the techniques used in different movies, and reflect on them. The techniques the four videos displayed were methods I’ve already known for many years, such as zooming and jump cuts. Watching the clips definitely helped give me a better understanding of each technique and method by showing me how they are used in different scenes. I hope to use some of these techniques, especially the perspectives technique, for the upcoming film making assignments. You can find the full post by clicking here.


Question of the Week

We’ve all heard nursery rhymes at some point in our childhood. Thinking back many years ago, I constantly used to hear the “I’m a little teapot” nursery rhyme. Overtime, it got to the point where I absolutely hated hearing the song. Now, for this assignment, I had the chance to change a nursery rhyme so I thought the perfect nursery rhyme would have to be it. I attempted to completely change the mood of the nursery rhyme. The full blog post can be found by clicking here.

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