Life Is Best When Filled With Love

Daily Create #1: GIF A Painting

All paintings give off certain moods and tones. This daily create required us to choose a piece of artwork from the europeana collections¬†and create a GIF out of it. I chose the painting found down below because I knew I could create a meme out of the old man’s facial expression. I created this GIF to show what the man seems like he is really thinking about in his head.

Daily Create #2: Guess Who is Getting Married Today!

This daily create required us to create a card to celebrate the marriage of Alan and Cori. Marriage is among the most beautiful and joyful events in all our lives. It is a chance to spend time with the people you are closest with, eat amazing food, and celebrate one of the greatest joys of life. It felt really nice to create an image to congratulate Alan and Cori on their marriage. This is for a beautiful wedding and many more years of life together to come.

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