Making Connections Through Audio

Reading and Resource Reflection

Video Reflection:

Jad Abumrad brought up great points in his two short clips. In the first clip, he talked about making connections with people through audio. He explained how the absence of pictures in radio gives people the paint brush to create the pictures themselves. Furthermore, Jad brought up the term “co-imagining”. Co-imagining is creating images in your mind from hearing a story and connecting with people from it.

In the second clip, Jad explained the difference between old and new storytelling. He explained how in ancient times people would gather around a camp fire to listen to stories and the story teller would create a circle of connection and induce a dream-state on people. Now, we can record our stories and share it with people through many platforms, such as radio.

Audio Resources:

Coming into this class, I have very little audio experience. When I read this week’s agenda, I was a little nervous. But after reading the audio resources, it gave me a better glimpse at what I am getting myself into. I am surprisingly familiar with both SoundCloud and Audacity. I primarily use SoundCloud for listening to music, never to record audio of myself. Audacity is a program that I used in High-School to record audio for different assignments I had for classes.

I learned a lot more about the techniques of audio by reading the audio resources page. I never thought about the layering of sounds when creating audio. Reading the audio resources page and hearing different examples of audio techniques gave me much more knowledge of what I should keep in mind when I record audio myself for the upcoming assignments. Overall, I learned a great amount of information from watching the two clips of Jad Abumrad and reading the different audio resources and techniques to use for next week.

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  1. Good job summarizing the videos however I would have liked to know a little more about what you thought about what he said.

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