My Love For Videogames Knows No Boundaries

What do you love? (2 Stars)

Love is a strong word. When you use it, you are implying that you have an intense and deep feeling of affection towards something. My feelings for playing video games is that way. As a kid, I would play for hours upon hours of my favorite video games everyday. It got to the point where I was a bit addicted and I didn’t even notice it. For this assignment, my job was to compile clips of something I love, which is video games. Below is my compilation video of my favorite clips on YouTube from my favorite game ever, Grand Theft Auto V. (The name of the people who each clip belongs to appears on the top left corner)

GTA V is among the most detail oriented games ever created. The incredible attention to small details the developers put is unimaginable. It truly is one of the greatest games ever created, and has had me glued to it for years now.

The Process

The process for creating the video started the same as the other video assignments. I started off the process by creating a new project in clipchamp. Clipchamp is an online video editing program that allows someone to professionally edit videos for free.

  1. The first step I took after creating the project was to upload the different clips I wanted to mash together onto clipchamp.
  2. Second, I uploaded background audio I found on YouTube to play for most of the intense moments in the video. I then¬†used the splitting tool to capture the footage I wanted and get rid of the excess footage that I didn’t want.
  3. Lastly, I exported my project as an MP4 file on to my computer.

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