No Phone, No Problem

Alternative History

So many questions can arise when you think of how different the world would be if a historic event happened differently. So what would’ve happened if Steve Jobs presented his new book instead of the first ever iPhone? What if the technology company apple was never created?

The amount of lives that would be lived completely different is unimaginable. First off, the amount of people that are addicted to their smartphones would be dramatically less, since a majority of the world’s smartphone owners have an iPhone. This means the amount of socialization in the world would also increase substantially. People would be more inclined to enjoy quality time with their friends and go outside. Furthermore, the amount of unfortunate deaths that come from phone use while driving and walking will decrease immensely. No matter how many times the dangers of phone use while driving and walking is emphasized, people will still tend use their phone. Thousands of people are killed every year due to accidents related to smartphone use. People not having smartphones also leads to more time spent doing productive work. Less procrastination equals less wasted time. Imagine how much more productive work we can do as a nation if we weren’t so addicted to these devilish devices.

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  1. First I really enjoy your site’s aesthetic. It’s super calming to look at!
    I really like this question you asked. I never would have thought of that. I think it is a really cool topic to think and wonder about. You brought up great points, like the phone related deaths. I really liked your post and the picture you added to go with it. I do wish that you had gone in a little as to how it might affect you to not have a smartphone as well, just because we all would react differently. With that being said I do think you did a great job at capturing points that are more relevant to the entire smart phone using population. I also like that how on the bottom of your website you can do to your previous post or the next post. I think that is really cool and helpful!

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