Overcoming Obstacles

Mid-Week Reflection

This week started much more strange for me than last week. I was getting ready to complete my assignments on the checklist for the mid-week when all of a sudden I get a notification from my inbox that says my website is unresponsive. At first I panicked, but after calming down I quickly tried to find the issue and resolve it. I found that my disk usage was all used up, mostly from my application backups. I then went on to delete the backups and lo and behold, my website started working again.

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After all the madness was fixed, I began to work on my assignments. I started by doing the daily create, which I ended up doing three of. The daily creates didn’t take too long to complete and I quite enjoyed completing them. I then went on to watch and reflect on the two TED talks, as well as go through the canva.com design tutorials. The tutorials taught me a lot about different techniques and methods for quality designs. The TED talks were given by Paula Scher and David Carson, both of whom are designers. They both explained their process for design and what makes a good design.

Later in the week, I went on to complete five of the eight concepts for the DesignBlitz. The photos I took for the DesignBlitz happened to be of objects in my house, which is where I found the objects for my PhotoBlitz in the previous week. Finally, I completed the question of the week, which was on a very interesting topic. Changing history is something that is impossible to do, but if you had the chance to change it, what would you change? I talk about what I would change later in the blog.

Daily Creates 

For this weeks daily creates, I chose to complete three prompts that seemed the most interesting. The first daily create I chose to complete was the make a meme of it create. Certain music videos you watch just make absolutely no logical sense whatsoever, and that is what makes them meme worthy.

For my second daily create, I had to come up with an idea for an app I would want to make. I thought long and hard about what many people do that takes a long time to process. I ultimately came up with an ethnicity app that is a quicker, simpler, and much cheaper, in comparison to ancestry.com, way of finding your ethnic background.

My final daily create consisted of swapping someone’s face on to another person’s face. I found the website for this daily create to be quite unusual and mildly inappropriate. I stumbled upon lots of absurd imagery on my way to find something that looked reasonably normal. In my search I found the best image that defines awkward, a guy taking a bubble bath.

In my latest daily create blog, you will find the full post where I explain the process of completing the daily creates. Below you will find my favorite daily create (the third daily create) for this mid-week.

TED Talks and Canva Tutorials

The designers, Paula Scher and David Carson, brought up great points in their TED talks. Paula emphasized how the best work comes from serious play that is not solemn. David talked about how simple designs are sometimes the best designs. David also brought up how the design’s main purpose is to attract attention and make people remember your design. I reflect on the talks and my experience using the canva tutorials in my full reflection blog.


The whole world is filled with design. If you walk outside today, you will see thousands of things that were designed by people. Each design has its own characteristics and attributes that makes it unique. After reviewing the eight principles of design, I grabbed my camera and got to work. You can find all my photos for the DesignBlitz and their descriptions here.

Question of the Week

If you could change any one thing in history, what would it be? I began the process of choosing the one thing in history I would change by thinking about something that has had a global impact on millions of people. I ultimately thought of something that almost everyone I know experiences, which is smartphone addiction. No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, we are attached to this small rectangular device. Smartphone addiction can lead to some real problems in someone’s life if not treated, which I talk about in my full blog post.

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