Playful Design

TED Talks

Sometimes the best kind of design comes from the enjoyment of the process and simplicity of the design. That is what Paula Scher and David Carson emphasize in their own ways during their TED talks.

Paula Scher talked about how the most distinguished designs comes from something called “serious play”. Serious play is the enjoyment of the process of solving or creating something complex. Paula showed her amazing work and explained how she had fun in the process of creating the designs. She emphasized that these works were serious and not solemn. Solemn play, she explained, is when you have to recreate something that was once serious play, but solemnly.

David Carson talked about how his designs use simplicity rather than extravagance. David explained how different designs can draw different emotional responses from people. He described how your design should make a personal connection with people. Additionally, David explains the main purpose of designs, which is to draw attention.

Canva Tutorials

The Canva tutorials were surprisingly beneficial to me. I learned many new concepts for design that I would’ve never known if I didn’t complete the tutorials. I also improved my knowledge of concepts I am already familiar with. I chose to complete 7 tutorials for design techniques that I believe would be most important to learn.

  1. Tips for Titles: I believe that titles can be the difference between someone viewing and skipping your work. The title is the first thing someone reads, which is why it is important to have a title that grabs the audience’s attention. In this tutorial, I learned how to center, right, and left align my title to work with other elements of the design.
  2. Brilliant Backgrounds: The background of an image creates the setting for the audience. In this tutorial, I learned the importance of choosing a background that goes well with your text. Furthermore, I learned how to add borders to focus my content on my design.
  3. Introduction to Infographics: No one wants to read text on a plain and boring design. That’s why infographics are an important feature to include when trying to display information. In this tutorial, I learned how to use shape and colors to get the main point across to the audience.
  4. Design for Social Media: This tutorial explained how you should have a consistent design and template for your posts across all platforms. It also explained how you should have a design that catches the audience’s eye and makes them remember it.
  5. The Art of Alignment: When aligning your designs, you should keep all the elements aligned perfectly. It’s also important to keep equal spaces between texts and graphic elements.
  6. Working with White Space: This tutorial walks through how to use white space to bring out text and improve clarity of the design.
  7. Less is More: Using less elements on a design can ultimately make it seem cleaner and easier to follow. This tutorial explains how you should limit elements in your design to keep it simple.

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