Portrait of the World

Bright light from the star (Design)

While I was on-board the space-ship, I had many moments of extreme boredom. Since I couldn’t play video games on space, I decided to start designing. Lucky enough for me, I brought my personal computer on-board the spacecraft. Since I had lots of design motivations from the environment around me, I took advantage of the opportunity and got to work.

I looked outside the window of the spaceship and saw the Earth, the moon, satellites, and other planets. I decided to include all of these elements in my design to create a neatly packed image of space. The sun rising from behind the earth helps bring the title of the design to life.

The Process:

In order to create this design, I used canva’s create a design platform. I was able to get most of the photos and designs I wanted straight out of canva’s files, rather than searching for them on google images.

  1. I started off by choosing which design I wanted to create. I went with the desktop wallpaper format because I thought it was the best frame to fit the image of the earth.
  2. Second, I uploaded the image of the earth I had onto the page. This image of the earth also shows the sun rising up on the left side, which I felt was a nice addition to give some light to the image.
  3. Third, I added a fitting title with a line under it, as well as a spaceship with an astronaut floating to the side of it to fit the context of the story.
  4. Lastly, I added some other illustrations and elements, such as satellites and other planets, that fit the setting of the image.

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