Professional Film Making Techniques

Reflection on Four Videos

The four videos I watched for this assignment each had different techniques and methods for film making that I either already knew or that I somewhat know. However, watching the videos definitely gave me better insights on the different techniques, as well as better appreciation for them.

The first video I chose was the examples of editing techniques video. This video runs through the different techniques that film makers use to capture different moments and emotions. Jump cut is one of the techniques that this video displays and it is something I am very aware of. Jumping from one perspective to another is used immensely in almost all music videos today. Slow motion is another technique this video displays. It is used to make a moment more dramatic and slow down time to give the audience more time to understand what is going on. This video also shows fast motion film, which is sometimes used to show something growing or shrinking. I’ve seen this technique many times in videos showing plants growing or something shrinking.

Different perspectives capture different tones. Having the camera down makes characters look more intimidating as their height looks like it has increased. This video shows how Quentin Tarantino used the below perspective to give more life and intimidation to the characters in his movies. In some scenes, having the camera below gives you a perspective from someone who is laying down and looking up at someone.

Different scenes portray different emotions. This video shows how a slight change in a character’s appearance can change the perceived emotion from the man smiling. When the baby is in the woman’s hand and the man smiles, he is showing his love for baby’s and he is perceived as a warmhearted person. When the woman is in a bikini and the man smiles, he is perceived as a dirty person.

Zooming in and out of an image gives you better detail to what you are trying to see and focus the attention on. When the camera man zooms into a character’s face when something dramatic happens, they are trying to capture their reactions and emotions by having that be the focus for the audience. Zooming out can help the audience understand the setting and surroundings better. This short clip shows different zoom perspectives in different scenes from different movies. When I record videos, I often zoom when I want to focus attention and capture more detail of something.

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