Quality Spacewalk Footage

Fascinating Spacewalk Clip (Video)

Along with photos, taking videos is a great way to capture incredible moments and sights in space. Videos in space, unfortunately, don’t have background sounds since space has no air for sound to travel in. Going for a space walk definitely got my mind off of the loads of work I have to do later today. I recorded the footage using my go-pro camera I brought with me from Earth. I decided to add some background music to the video to make the scene even more beautiful and emotional.

Taking a space walk is the equivalent to taking a walk on the beach on Earth, except the fact that there is no water in space and you can’t physically walk, rather you are just floating. Nonetheless, the view you get when going on a space walk is unbelievable. If this doesn’t get you to appreciate the world even more, I don’t know what will.

The Process:

In order to create my video, I used the clipchamp video editor. Clipchamp is a free online video editing website that allows you to have most of the professional editing tools that top quality video editors have.

  1. The first step I took was to create a new project in clipchamp. I added a fitting title and set the aspect ratio to widescreen for the best quality video.
  2. Second, I converted two YouTube videos of an astronaut taking a space walk to an MP4 file on to my computer using ytmp3. I then found an audio clip to fit the background setting of the video. I converted that audio piece to an MP3 file also using ytmp3.
  3. Third, I uploaded the videos and audio to my clipchamp project and dragged them down to the video editor section. 
  4. Fourth, I trimmed the video using the split tool to fit the audio’s duration, which was around two minutes and twenty seconds. Then finally, I exported the audio as an MP4 file on to my computer.

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