Second Round Of Commenting

Comment and participate

Commenting on this weeks assignments from different people was even more of a joy for me than last time. I had a chance to hear the different audio clips people put together and it was quite an experience. I was able to hear and understand different techniques people used on their audio pieces that I found unique and useful.

Comment #1:

This comment was on Daniel Zeineddine’s alternative history short story assignment. He talked about how America dominates and its political science. On my comment, I also wanted to add that I believe he should have used screenshots of his work in progress to give more of an idea of how he did his assignment.

Comment #2:

This comment was on Karina Schumm’s sound effect story assignment. She created an alien story from only sound effects. I wanted to also mention that she should have given more steps to the process of how she created the audio clip. She didn’t seem to include any screenshots of the process of her creation either.

Comment #3:

This comment was on Kimberly Sak’s alternative history short story assignment. I found that she did a great job in her short story with running controlled simultaneous sounds. Although, she didn’t seem to list the steps she took to complete the assignment or screenshots of the steps.

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