Smartphones Were Never There

Alternative History assignment

This assignment, from the assignment bank, required us to tell a story based on our alternative history assignment topic we chose a week ago. Since I chose the topic of “what if smartphones never existed”, I decided to tell a story of the many different problems and solutions to smartphone addiction.

The short story audio clip is down below, but you can also find it on my SoundCloud, which you can access by clicking here.

The Process

This process was a grueling one because of the amount of time it took. This assignment, without a shadow of a doubt, in my mind was the hardest assignment to complete. The amount of times I had to restart the recording was unthinkable to me, and it frustrated me a bit. Having to fast for Ramadan while trying to record audio can make it really tough because when you’re not able to drink water for prolonged periods of time, you get a bit of cotton mouth.

  1. The first step I took before recording my audio was to create a script. This script was relatively long, since the story had to be at least two minutes. I did it on Microsoft word to save time if I wanted to edit any part of the script.
  2. The second step I took was to find the background sound that will be playing while I am narrating the audio clip. I decided to go with people talking as my background sound to exemplify the increase in socialization if smartphones were diminished. I converted the YouTube clip file into an MP3 file using ytmp3. I then imported the file into my audacity project, where I decreased the sound using the amplify option in the effects tab on the audacity menu.
  3. Finally, I started recording my narration of the story for the audio piece. This took the most time to complete since I am not used to narrating short stories. After completing the recording, I exported the audio as an MP3 file onto my computer and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

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