Strange and Exhilarating Times on the Moon

A Rocky, but Fun, Ride to the Moon (Written Story)

My trip to the moon was not what I expected it to be at all. Before liftoff on Earth, I pictured myself walking on the moon, laughing and conversing with my fellow astronauts and just having a great time. That laughing was more like screaming for us on our last walk on the moon. There were many times I heard strange noises while walking on the moon, but none like the last day. The strange noises my crew and I heard on that day petrified us all and made us never want to come back to the moon.

When you are in a spaceship, moments away from launch, you’re not thinking about the dangers that can come from entering a world that few people get to visit. All you think about is the once-in-a-lifetime adventure you are going to have up there. I would be lying, however, if I didn’t mention the great times I had in space. Away from all the madness, there were many times where I felt like I was having the time of my life. Being able to design art with a great scenery gives you all the motivation in the world. Getting a chance to have a direct view of the Earth, other planets and stars, gives you new ideas and inclinations that you would’ve never gotten being stuck on Earth.

Taking photos on the moon was also another highlight of my trip. Being able to capture rare images that only a few people can ever have the chance to take is a great feeling. The selfie I took on my space walk is definitely my favorite photo I’ve ever taken. The entire Earth floating right behind me in the photo is like none other.

Recording videos in space was also a great experience. The footage I captured while taking my first space walk was incredible. Taking the space walk gave me much better appreciation for the universe. You can find some pretty amazing things when you leave the Earth’s atmosphere, not all of it, however, can be friendly.

Overall, this trip was an exhilarating ride for me and my crew. The amount of strange and beautiful things we saw and heard while on the moon is unfathomable. Experiencing new things can open your eyes to a whole new world that you can’t get by not getting out of your comfort zone, and that is exactly what I did on this trip.

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