Strange Space Sounds

Was that an alien!? (Audio)

So here I am on board the landed spaceship on the moon with my fellow astronauts. We all finished our work early today so we had lots of free time ahead of us. We all decided to go for a walk outside on the moon one last time before we headed back to planet Earth. We put our space suits on and set up all our equipment. We then lifted the strong metal lever on the door and slowly opened it. I walked down the steps from the spaceship on to the ground of the moon. I looked around and saw nothing but craters and rocks as far as the eye can see. As we started walking further away from the spaceship, I started to hear these strange noises coming from afar, but I had no idea who or where it was coming from. I began talking with my crew and asking them if they were making those sounds or knew where it was coming from, and all they could say is no. I slowly began to become more nervous and worried. I told myself that it was probably sounds coming from my head, since I was a little dehydrated then.

We continued to walk even further away from the spaceship to the point where we couldn’t even see it anymore. Time went on and we started getting tired so we began to head back to the spaceship. All of a sudden, we started hearing extremely loud alien-like sounds coming from behind us. We all panicked and ran back to the spaceship as fast as we could, which obviously wasn’t that fast since we were on the moon. When we finally got back to the spacecraft, we all were lost with what just happened. I realized that my communication device in my spacesuit was recording the audio the entire time. I was able to capture the sound and link it down below. I added some intense background music to make it more dramatic…

The Process:

To create my audio piece, I used audacity to combine the sounds I got from YouTube. I wanted to make the audio piece consist of only three audio clips to make it sound more controlled.

  1. I started the process by looking for audio clips of astronauts communicating, alien sounds, and intense background music from YouTube. After finding the audio clips, I created a new project in audacity.
  2. Second, I converted the three YouTube audio clips into MP3 files by using ytmp3. After converting the audio pieces, I imported them into my audacity project. Two of the audio clips were around one minute while the intense background music was more than two minutes. I decided to delete part of that audio clip so the entire audio piece would be around one minute.
  3. Finally, I exported the audio piece as an MP3 file on to my computer.


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  1. Luis Antoni Hidalgo says: Reply

    Your post was nicely done it had a great audio component. I really liked how you showed the different steps on how you did the project. I don’t really see any improvement you can do for this post. Good Job.

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