The Ins and Outs of Photography

As someone who takes dozens of sub-par photos everyday, the Tips for Better Photography page helped me improve my skills dramatically. The page helped me think about photography a completely different way. One of the problems I used to have was my “rapid-fire” habit. I used to take one second or two per picture, but now I take around ten seconds per photo. The quality of my photos have increased immensely, while the quantity has decreased. The article helped me became more picky when taking photos by not settling for a below average photo.

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A great tip I picked up from reading the article is theĀ change my perspective by changing yours tip. Below you will find a photo that I used this tip to take. For the picture, I was positioned awkwardly, but the outcome of the photo was definitely worth the uncomfortable feeling. Just like in life, the hardest things to get are the most rewarding.

(Photo at an unusual angle) This photo of my fan is taken from an awkward position I was in from my bed

I deeply enjoyed exploring the Abandoned America page because of the dark and mysterious settings each photo displayed. I also picked up a couple tips while observing the photographer’s images. One of those tips is how straight, centered, and aligned he makes all the photos look. Below you will find a straight and aligned photo from an abandoned school.

Dismantling the Dream: The Closure of American Public Schools portfolio
This photo, from the Abandoned America Galleries, gives an empty feeling. A school that used to have students and used to be filled with life is now empty.

Another thing I picked up from the photos in the galleries is how empty they feel. For example, usually photos taken in schools have students in them either sitting in chairs or standing around talking, smiling, etc. In the image above there are chairs scattered around and there is not a single person in sight.

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