The Many Beauties of Sunsets and Nature

Daily Create #1: Let’s all take a second to appreciate the beauty of nature

Amidst all of the chaos that is going on around the world, I feel people need a chance to get away from the news media and spend time with nature. Getting a chance to go outside and simply watch a sunset can do so much cleansing to you mentally, spiritually, and even physically. For this daily create assignment, my job was to share a picture of a sunset so people can take a second to appreciate the beauty of nature. Sunsets are one of the most satisfying and relaxing events you can watch everyday. In the age of the internet and computers, people are starting to under appreciate nature.

Daily Create #2: The perfect ending

Some days are just better than others. During those days that don’t seem to go our way, we tend to lose hope and optimism. The best way to boost your mood when you’re down is to spend some quality time alone with someone you love. Whether that would be your significant other, family member, etc. For this daily create, I was required to write a short ending with a fitting picture to it. As you can see below, what is better than watching the many beauties of the world with someone you love dearly?

Daily Create #3: There’s a Gap

I couldn’t be the only one that felt weird not completing the daily creates for the end of last week. It felt like a large “gap” in my day was created because the thirty minutes of my day that I spend working on the daily creates was spent doing something else. For this daily create, my job was to find a gap anywhere and post it. I chose to go with a gap in a wall that shows a nice view of the sea, rather than just a plain boring wall made of stones.

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