Thinking Outside The Box

Daily Create #1: Make a Meme of It

Have you ever heard a song and instantly envisioned a meme of it? That’s basically what this daily create create was about. Many songs nowadays are meme worthy because of their randomness and uniqueness. Thinking back to many years ago, I remember showing this song to my friends and we would lose our minds because of the mystery of the song. There’s nothing more wacky than a music video where a band member gets abducted by blue aliens in the middle of a concert.

Daily Create #2: There’s An App For That: What’s Your App Idea?

There are millions of apps on the app store, plenty of which are designed to accommodate current problems or capture current trends. If you can make any app, what would it be and why? When thinking about creating an app, I thought about current problems and trends that would make people want to get the app. I chose my idea of an app to be an ethnicity scanner, an alternative method to the test. The ethnicity test is a long process where you spit in a tube and send it to a lab where they do tests on your saliva and find your ethnic background. How about an app that can tell you your ethnic background in a few seconds?

Daily Create #3: Replace that Face: Place You or Your Friend in a Weird Place

Nothing says silly like attaching someone’s face onto someone else. On this website, this seemed to be one of the more normal things to attach it on. Imagine sitting in a bathtub covered in bubbles with nothing but a smile on and all of a sudden someone walks in. The sudden moment of silence when you’re thinking about something to say to explain the situation, but all you can do is look surprised.

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