Week 1 MidWeek

First Steps…

The days leading up to the first day of class I was contemplating my decision of registering for this class because it is completely different than any class I have ever taken in my life. Now, to be honest, I am more than glad I chose to take this class. Once I got the beginning steps out of the way, I found that blogging, and other activities that we will be engaging in this class, are things I surprisingly enjoy. The week started slow but definitely got more interesting and joyful as time went on. After getting all the account registration and setups complete, we had to respond to the Daily Create, which is the Say What You See challenge, with our response of what phrase we see; then we had to create a Say What You See challenge of our own. Below you can find mine!

Life In Pixels

Later in the midweek, we had to upload 3 photos on Instagram as a way to introduce ourselves to our fellow peers. I chose to post photos that describe large events of my life for the past decade. My high school graduation with family and friends, playoff season my senior year, and the final portrait of my football career. Find the post down below!

My Life, Digitally

Question Of The Week

What is your favorite type of story? Why?

My favorite type of story has to be action/adventure. When I read action/adventure stories, I envision myself on the journey with the characters in the story. The exhilarating experience of escaping the real world and entering a different dimension and a whole new world is an experience I only get while reading action/adventure stories. These types of stories are sure to keep me interested and forget about the stresses and worries of everyday life.

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