What On Earth Is Tifinagh?

Daily Create #1: Your name in other characters

Just by scrolling through fonts on Microsoft Word, you can find some wacky fonts that look like complete gibberish to you. Seeing what your name would look like in other language’s characters is exceedingly neat and unique. For this daily create assignment, I was required to write my name in Tifinagh characters. When I first heard the term Tifinagh, I had no idea what language it was. But after looking on its Wikipedia site, I came to find out that it is an abjad script used to write the Berber languages.

Daily Create #2: What would you like to teach the world to do?

The amount of unique abilities and knowledge that every person in the world has is unfathomable. If we just shared the unique things that we know, we can make other people more aware of it. Our job for this daily create was to simply state what we would like to teach the world to do. My response was to teach people one of the greatest abilities our mind is capable of doing, wandering. Being creative is practically the outcome of letting your mind wander. You enter a place where it’s just you and your imaginations running freely.

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